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Column generation. (English) Zbl 1084.90002
GERAD 25th Anniversary Series 5. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 0-387-25485-4/hbk). xvi, 358 p. (2005).

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Indexed articles:
Desrosiers, Jacques; Lübbecke, Marco E., A primer in column generation, 1-32 [Zbl 1246.90093]
Irnich, Stefan; Desaulniers, Guy, Shortest path problems with resource constraints, 33-65 [Zbl 1130.90315]
Kallehauge, Brian; Larsen, Jesper; Madsen, Oli B. G.; Solomon, Marius M., Vehicle routing problem with time windows, 67-98 [Zbl 1130.90316]
Danna, Emilie; Le Pape, Claude, Branch-and-price heuristics: a case study on the vehicle routing problem with time windows, 99-129 [Zbl 1246.90036]
Ben Amor, Hatem; Valério de Carvalho, José M., Cutting stock problems, 131-161 [Zbl 1246.90161]
Klabjan, Diego, Large-scale models in the airline industry, 163-195 [Zbl 1120.90329]
Christiansen, Marielle; Nygreen, Bjørn, Robust inventory ship routing by column generation, 197-244 [Zbl 1120.90315]
Sigurd, Mikkel M.; Ulstein, Nina L.; Nygreen, Bjørn; Ryan, David M., Ship scheduling with recurring visits and visit separation requirements, 225-245 [Zbl 1246.90065]
Huisman, Dennis; Jans, Raf; Peeters, Marc; Wagelmans, Albert P. M., Combining column generation and Lagrangian relaxation, 247-270 [Zbl 1120.90366]
Gélinas, Sylvie; Soumis, François, Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition for job shop scheduling, 271-302 [Zbl 1131.90358]
van den Akker, Marjan; Hoogeveen, Han; van de Velde, Steef, Applying column generation to machine scheduling, 303-330 [Zbl 1246.90069]
Vanderbeck, François, Implementing mixed integer column generation, 331-358 [Zbl 1246.90108]

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