A semi-analytical elastic stress–displacement solution for notched circular openings in rocks. (English) Zbl 1087.74598

Summary: A semi-analytical plane elasticity solution of the circular hole with diametrically opposite notches in a homogeneous and isotropic geomaterial is presented. This solution is based on: (i) the evaluation of the conformal mapping function of a hole of prescribed shape by an appropriate numerical scheme and (ii) the closed-form solutions of the Kolosov–Muskhelishvili complex potentials. For the particular case of circular notches – which resemble to the circular cavity breakout in rocks – it is demonstrated that numerical results pertaining to boundary stresses and displacements predicted by the finite differences model FLAC\(^{\text{2D}}\), as well as previous analytical results referring to the stress-concentration-factor, are in agreement with analytical results. It is also illustrated that the solution may be easily applied to non-rounded diametrically opposite notch geometries, such as ”dog-eared” breakouts by properly selecting the respective conformal mapping function via the methodology presented herein. By employing a stress-mean-value brittle failure criterion that takes into account the stress-gradient effect in the vicinity of the curved surfaces in rock as well as the present semi-analytical solution, it is found that a notched hole, e.g. borehole or tunnel breakout, may exhibit stable propagation. The practical significance of the proposed solution lies in the fact that it can be used as a quick-solver for back-analysis of borehole breakout images obtained in situ via a televiewer for the estimation of the orientation and magnitude of in situ stresses and of strain–stress measurements in laboratory tests.


74L10 Soil and rock mechanics


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