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Maple conference 2005. Proceedings of the conference, Waterloo Ontario, Canada, July 17–21, 2005. With the assistance of Ian J. Sinclair, James Duketow, Robert M. Kalbfleisch. (English) Zbl 1099.65002
Waterloo: Maplesoft (ISBN 1-894511-85-9/pbk). 515 p. (2005).

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Indexed articles:
Gebbeken, N.; Pfeiffer, E.; Videkhina, I., A method for the development and control of stiffness matrices for the calculation of beam and shell structures using MAPLE, 19-35 [Zbl 1339.74020]
Hospodka, Jiří; Bičák, Jan, New features of Syntfil package for electric filters design, 36-44 [Zbl 1104.78300]
Morency, Kevin; McPhee, John; Schmitke, Chad, Symbolic modelling of vehicle dynamics: a Maple implementation, 45-62 [Zbl 1329.70004]
Olivier, Jake; Johnson, William D., Logistic regression analysis using Maple, 63-69 [Zbl 1107.65011]
Pintér, Jànos D., Global optimization toolbox for Maple: introduction and applications, 70-85 [Zbl 1107.65052]
Prayaga, Chandra, Monte Carlo method and the 2-dimensional Ising model, 86-90 [Zbl 1105.82305]
Rasinariu, Constantin, Maple simulation in nonlinear dynamics: Fermi-Pasta-Ulam model, 91-97 [Zbl 1105.82302]
Richards, Troy C., Transversely magnetized oblate spheroids, 98-105 [Zbl 1104.78005]
Richards, Troy C., Static electromagnetic fields of an underwater pipeline, 106-120 [Zbl 1104.78006]
Urroz, Gilberto E., Maple-based intermediate fluid mechanics applications: potential flow, 121-137 [Zbl 1113.76078]
Urroz, Gilberto E., Maple-based civil engineering hydraulics calculations: open-channel flow, 138-152 [Zbl 1370.76004]
Urroz, Gilberto E., Maple-based civil engineering hydraulics calculations: basic pipe flow, 153-166 [Zbl 1370.76005]
Abe, Yutaka, Introduction to numerical solutions of elliptic equations (finite difference scheme), 168-190 [Zbl 1107.65095]
Abdalkhani, Javad, On exact and approximate solutions of integral equations of the second kind using Maple, 191-197 [Zbl 1107.65116]
Anand, Christopher Kumar; Carette, Jacques; Curtis, Andrew Thomas; Miller, David, CoG-PETS: code generation for parameter estimation in time series, 198-212 [Zbl 1344.65017]
Arbuckle, L.; Kunze, H., Wavelet transforms and lossless coding, 213-228 [Zbl 1107.65129]
Bremner, Murray R., DNA computing, insertion of words and left-symmetric algebras, 229-242 [Zbl 1114.68421]
Dragan, Laurentiu; Watt, Stephen M., Parametric polymorphism optimization for deeply nested types in computer algebras, 243-259 [Zbl 1114.68617]
Farr, Jeffrey B.; Khatirinejad, Mahdad; Khodadad, Sara; Monagan, Michael, A graph theory package for Maple, 260-271 [Zbl 1114.68620]
Farr, Jeffrey B.; Pearce, Roman, Working with multivariate polynomials in Maple, 272-281 [Zbl 1114.68621]
Fee, Greg, A three-dimensional generalization of the Apollonius problem, 282-289 [Zbl 1107.65018]
Harder, Douglas Wilhelm, Fuzzy sets in Maple, 290-295 [Zbl 1114.68623]
Harder, Douglas Wilhelm, Quaternions in Maple, 293-295 [Zbl 1114.68624]
Herod, James V., Quadratic differential equations in multidimensions, 296-304 [Zbl 1107.65117]
Ionescu, Adrian; Johnson, Olin; Abbasian, Reza, Maple and C software for some autonomous numerical methods, 305-318 [Zbl 1108.65071]
Kunze, H.; Crabtree, D., Using collage coding to solve inverse problems in partial differential equations, 319-330 [Zbl 1107.65099]
Labahn, G.; Humphries, T. D., Symbolic integration of Jacobi elliptic functions in Maple, 331-339 [Zbl 1107.65021]
Lahey, T. J.; Heppler, G. R., Symbolic derivation of finite element mass and stiffness matrices, 340-354 [Zbl 1107.65105]
Lemaire, F.; Moreno Maza, M.; Xie, Y., The RegularChains library in Maple 10, 355-368 [Zbl 1114.68628]
Lo, Simon; Monagan, Michael; Wittkopf, Allan, A modular algorithm for computing the characteristic polynomial of an integer matrix in Maple, 369-376 [Zbl 1108.65038]
Oancea, Cosmin; So, Clare; Watt, Stephen M., Generalization in Maple, 377-382 [Zbl 1114.68629]
Robinson, Tom; Geddes, Keith, Automated generation of numerical evaluation routines, 383-398 [Zbl 1107.65014]
Shaska, T.; Zheng, S., A Maple package for hyperelliptic curves, 399-408 [Zbl 1107.65019]
Smirnova, Elena; Watt, Stephen M., A context for pen-based mathematical computing, 409-422 [Zbl 1114.68630]
Watt, Stephen M.; Xie, Xiaofang, Prototype pruning by feature extraction for handwritten mathematical symbol recognition, 423-437 [Zbl 1114.68633]
Ebrahimi, Mohammad ali; Monagan, Michael, New options to visualize systems of differential equations in Maple, 439-450 [Zbl 1107.65059]
Horiuchi, Ryutaro, A visualization of linear transformations of 2-dimensional real vector space, 457-460 [Zbl 1104.68840]
Huang, Wei-Min, Using Maple to teach Markov chains, 461-470 [Zbl 1344.65015]
Kletskin, Ilona, Using MapleTA to assess learning in 1st year calculus, 471-481 [Zbl 1114.68626]
Nakamura, Yasuyuki, Using Maple in a course of mathematical methods for physics, 484-488 [Zbl 1104.68841]
Teixeira, António F.; Mendes, Diana; Rosa, Álvaro A., Using Maple’s Microsoft Excel add-in, 489-499 [Zbl 1114.68631]
Verschelde, Jan, Introduction to symbolic computation: a Maple/MATLAB course, 500-509 [Zbl 1114.68632]
Yasskin, Philip B.; Maede, Douglas B., Maplets for calculus, 510-513 [Zbl 1104.68842]

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65Y15 Packaged methods for numerical algorithms