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Global optimization. Scientific and engineering case studies. (English) Zbl 1103.90011
Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications 85. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 0-387-30408-8/hbk). xxiii, 546 p. (2006).

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Indexed articles:
Achenie, L. E. K.; Ostrovsky, G. M.; Sinha, M., A global optimization strategy and its use in solvent design, 1-31 [Zbl 1129.90060]
Alexander, David L. J.; Morel, Patrick C. H.; Wood, Graham R., Feeding strategies for maximising gross margin in pig production, 33-43 [Zbl 1129.90381]
Samko, Valentin; Hurley, Stephen; Allen, Stuart; Whitaker, Roger, Optimized design of dynamic networks with heuristic algorithms, 45-72 [Zbl 1129.90069]
Azmi, Aqil M.; Byrd, Richard H.; Eskow, Elizabeth; Schnabel, Robert B., A new smoothing-based global optimization algorithm for protein conformation problems, 73-102 [Zbl 1129.90386]
Doye, Jonathan P. K., Physical perspectives on the global optimization of atomic clusters, 103-139 [Zbl 1129.90387]
Hartke, Bernd, Efficient global geometry optimization of atomic and molecular clusters, 141-168 [Zbl 1129.90388]
Hatzigeorgiou, Artemis; Megraw, Molly, Computational analysis of human DNA sequences: an application of artificial neural networks, 169-180 [Zbl 1128.92013]
Isenor, Glenn; Pintér, János D.; Cada, Michael, Determination of a laser cavity field solution using global optimization, 181-212 [Zbl 1126.78015]
Lavor, Carlile; Liberti, Leo; Maculan, Nelson, Computational experience with the molecular distance geometry problem, 213-225 [Zbl 1129.90389]
Liberatore, Saverio; Sechi, Giovanni M.; Zuddas, Paola, Nonlinear optimization models in water resource systems, 227-242 [Zbl 1129.90350]
Maponi, Pierluigi; Zirilli, Francesco, Solving the phase unwrapping problem by a parametrized network optimization approach, 243-266 [Zbl 1175.94047]
Andrzej, Osyczka; Stanisław, Krenich, Evolutionary algorithms for global optimization, 267-300 [Zbl 1129.90062]
Ozturk, Ozcan; Doerschuk, Peter C.; Gelfand, Saul B., Determining 3-D structure of spherical viruses by global optimization, 301-329 [Zbl 1128.92004]
Pedamallu, Chandra Sekhar; Ozdamar, Linet, A collaborative solution methodology for inverse position problem, 331-360 [Zbl 1175.70004]
Plagianakos, V. P.; Magoulas, G. D.; Vrahatis, M. N., Improved learning of neural nets through global search, 361-388 [Zbl 1123.92002]
Rekiek, B.; De Lit, P.; Delchambre, A., Evolutionary approach to design assembly lines, 389-411 [Zbl 1129.90029]
Seppelt, Ralf, Agroecosystem management, 413-439 [Zbl 1129.92068]
Sergeyev, Yaroslav D., Finding the minimal root of an equation. Applications and algorithms based on Lipschitz condition, 441-460 [Zbl 1127.65028]
Tervo, J.; Kolmonen, P.; Pintér, J. D.; Lyyra-Laitinen, T., Optimization of radiation therapy dose delivery with multiple static collineation, 461-485 [Zbl 1128.92018]
Wu, Yong; Özdamar, Linet; Kumar, Arun, Parallel triangulated partitioning for black box optimization, 487-506 [Zbl 1129.90072]
Zabinsky, Zelda B.; Tuttle, Mark E.; Khompatraporn, Charoenchai, A case study: composite structure design optimization, 507-528 [Zbl 1125.74041]
Zhu, Q. M.; Guo, L. Z.; Ma, Z., Neural network enhanced optimal self-tuning controller design for induction motors, 529-546 [Zbl 1124.93041]

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