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Proceedings of the international conference on complex geometry and related fields, Shanghai, China, 2004. (English) Zbl 1111.32001
AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics 39. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS); Somerville, MA: International Press (ISBN 978-0-8218-3949-2/pbk). vii, 402 p. (2007).

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Indexed articles:
Bergeron, Nantel; Gao, Yun; Hu, Naihong, Representations of two-parameter quantum orthogonal and symplectic groups, 1-21 [Zbl 1148.17008]
Brockett, R. W., Optimal control of the Liouville equation, 23-35 [Zbl 1118.49030]
Catanese, Fabrizio; Frediani, Paola, Real structures on torus bundles and their deformations, 37-61 [Zbl 1129.32010]
Chen, Zhijie; Du, Rong; Tan, Sheng-Li; Yu, Fei, Cubic equations of rational triple points of dimension two, 63-76 [Zbl 1127.14003]
Du, Jie; Rui, Hebing, Multi-parameter cells of finite Coxeter groups., 77-87 [Zbl 1124.20002]
Huang, Xiaojun; Ji, Shanyu, On some rigidity problems in Cauchy-Riemann analysis, 89-107 [Zbl 1130.32020]
Jia, Lixing; Luk, Hing Sun; Yau, Stephen S.-T., From CR geometry to algebraic geometry and combinatorial geometry, 109-124 [Zbl 1123.32019]
Jiang, Dihua, Periods of automorphic forms, 125-148 [Zbl 1161.11009]
Lai, Hong-Jian; Shao, Yehong, Some problems related to Hamiltonian line graphs, 149-159 [Zbl 1408.05079]
Li, Songying, Composition operators and isometries on holomorphic function spaces over domains in \(\mathbb C^n\), 161-174 [Zbl 1127.32003]
Liu, Kefeng, Localization and string duality, 175-191 [Zbl 1139.57031]
Long, Zhengwu; Wang, Xiantao; Wang, Yuefei, Polyhedral and geometric convergence of Kleinian groups, 193-200 [Zbl 1118.30033]
Mok, Ngaiming, Rigidity problems on compact quotients of bounded symmetric domains, 201-249 [Zbl 1129.53025]
Ru, Min, The Second Main Theorem with hypersurfaces over function fields, 251-261 [Zbl 1138.11024]
Shi, Jian-yi, Presentations for finite complex reflection groups., 263-275 [Zbl 1124.20023]
Shu, Bin, Representations of finite Lie algebras and geometry of reductive Lie algebras, 277-287 [Zbl 1137.17009]
Yau, Shing-Tung, Perspectives on geometric analysis, 289-378 [Zbl 1451.53005]
Zhang, De-Qi, Automorphisms of \(K3\) surfaces, 379-392 [Zbl 1126.14048]
Zhao, Ling; Zhou, Xiangyu; Li, Qingzhong, Vector bundles on certain surfaces without divisors, 393-402 [Zbl 1125.14025]
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