On dynamic topological and metric logics. (English) Zbl 1114.03026

Summary: We investigate computational properties of propositional logics for dynamical systems. First, we consider logics for dynamic topological systems \(\langle W,f\rangle\), where \(W\) is a topological space and \(f\) a homeomorphism on \(W\). The logics come with ‘modal’ operators interpreted by the topological closure and interior, and temporal operators interpreted along the orbits \(\{w, f(w), f^{2}(w),\dots\}\) of points \(w \in W\). We show that for various classes of topological spaces the resulting logics are not recursively enumerable (and so not recursively axiomatisable). This gives a ‘negative’ solution to a conjecture of Kremer and Mints. Second, we consider logics for dynamical systems \(\langle W,f\rangle\), where \(W\) is a metric space and \(f\) and isometric function. The operators for topological interior/closure are replaced by distance operators of the form ‘everywhere/somewhere in the ball of radius \(a\)’, for \(a \in \mathbb {Q}^+\). In contrast to the topological case, the resulting logic turns out to be decidable, but not in time bounded by any elementary function.


03B60 Other nonclassical logic
03B45 Modal logic (including the logic of norms)
03B44 Temporal logic
03B25 Decidability of theories and sets of sentences
54H20 Topological dynamics (MSC2010)
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