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A model game problem for the version of a mixed duel with regard for delay. (English. Russian original) Zbl 1126.91326
J. Comput. Syst. Sci. Int. 44, No. 3, 431-440 (2005); translation from Izv. Ross. Akad. Nauk, Teor. Sist. Upravl. 2005, No. 3, 107-116 (2005).
Summary: A model problem on a duel between two opponents is considered taking into account the delay caused by the finite flight time of the bullet, shell, or missile. The informational possibilities of the opponents are different. Therefore, such a duel is usually referred to as mixed. Some computational results are presented for the versions corresponding to the instantaneous fire and a finite time of the bullet flight.

91A40 Other game-theoretic models
91A80 Applications of game theory
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