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Programming languages and systems. 4th Asian symposium, APLAS 2006, Sydney, Australia, November 8–10, 2006. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1133.68007
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4279. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-48937-5/pbk). xi, 423 p. (2006).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium has been reviewed (see Zbl 1098.68007).
Indexed articles:
Stuckey, Peter J.; Sulzmann, Martin; Wazny, Jeremy, Type processing by constraint reasoning, 1-25 [Zbl 1168.68366]
Sulzmann, Martin; Schrijvers, Tom; Stuckey, Peter J., Principal type inference for GHC-style multi-parameter type classes, 26-43 [Zbl 1168.68367]
Garrigue, Jacques, Private row types: Abstracting the unnamed, 44-60 [Zbl 1168.68351]
Eo, Hyunjun; Kim, Ik-Soon; Yi, Kwangkeun, Type and effect system for multi-staged exceptions, 61-78 [Zbl 1168.68344]
Bohr, Nina; Birkedal, Lars, Relational reasoning for recursive types and references, 79-96 [Zbl 1168.68350]
Harrison, William L., Proof abstraction for imperative languages, 97-113 [Zbl 1168.68361]
Benton, Nick; Kennedy, Andrew; Hofmann, Martin; Beringer, Lennart, Reading, writing and relations. Towards extensional semantics for effect analyses, 114-130 [Zbl 1168.68356]
Masuhara, Hidehiko; Endoh, Yusuke; Yonezawa, Akinori, A fine-grained join point model for more reusable aspects, 131-147 [Zbl 1168.68355]
Koopman, Pieter; Plasmeijer, Rinus, Automatic testing of higher order functions, 148-164 [Zbl 1168.68353]
Simon, Axel; King, Andy, Widening polyhedra with landmarks, 166-182 [Zbl 1168.68365]
Schmidt, David A., Comparing completeness properties of static analyses and their logics, 183-199 [Zbl 1168.68364]
Gedell, Tobias; Gustavsson, Jörgen; Svenningsson, Josef, Polymorphism, subtyping, whole program analysis and accurate data types in usage analysis, 200-216 [Zbl 1168.68352]
Park, Sungwoo, A modal language for the safety of mobile values, 217-233 [Zbl 1168.03327]
Gori, Roberta; Levi, Francesca, An analysis for proving temporal properties of biological systems, 234-252 [Zbl 1168.68438]
Abadi, Martín; Corin, Ricardo; Fournet, Cédric, Computational secrecy by typing for the pi-calculus, 253-269 [Zbl 1168.68433]
Flatt, Matthew; Findler, Robert Bruce; Felleisen, Matthias, Scheme with classes, mixins, and traits, 270-289 [Zbl 1168.68345]
Nakano, Keisuke; Mu, Shin-Cheng, A pushdown machine for recursive XML processing, 340-356 [Zbl 1168.68363]
Minamide, Yasuhiko; Tozawa, Akihiko, XML validation for context-free grammars, 357-373 [Zbl 1168.68362]
Choi, Tae-Hyoung; Lee, Oukseh; Kim, Hyunha; Doh, Kyung-Goo, A practical string analyzer by the widening approach, 374-388 [Zbl 1168.68359]
Beringer, Lennart; Hofmann, Martin, A bytecode logic for JML and types, 389-405 [Zbl 1168.68357]
Gade, Johan; Glück, Robert, On Jones-optimal specializers: A case study using Unmix, 406-422 [Zbl 1168.68360]

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68N30 Mathematical aspects of software engineering (specification, verification, metrics, requirements, etc.)
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