Constrained clustering. Advances in algorithms, theory, and applications. (English) Zbl 1142.68005

Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press (ISBN 978-1-58488-996-0/hbk; 978-1-58488-997-7/ebook). xxiv, 441 p. (2009).

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Indexed articles:
Cohn, David; Caruana, Rich; McCallum, Andrew Kachites, Semi-supervised clustering with user feedback, 17-31 [Zbl 1161.68759]
Shental, Noam; Bar-Hillel, Aharon; Hertz, Tomer; Weinshall, Daphna, Gaussian mixture models with equivalence constraints, 33-58 [Zbl 1161.68775]
Lu, Zhengdong; Leen, Todd K., Pairwise contraints as priors in probabilistic clustering, 59-90 [Zbl 1161.68731]
Lange, Tilman; Law, Martin H.; Jain, Anil K.; Buhmann, Joachim M., Clustering with constraints: a mean-field approximation perspective, 91-122 [Zbl 1162.68555]
Pensa, Ruggero G.; Robardet, Céline; Boulicaut, Jean-François, Constraint-driven co-clustering of 0/1 data, 123-148 [Zbl 1155.68503]
Aggarwal, Charu; Gates, Stephen C.; Yu, Philip, On supervised clustering for creating categorization segmentations, 149-170 [Zbl 1162.68514]
Banerjee, Arindam; Ghosh, Joydeep, Clustering with balancing constraints, 171-200 [Zbl 1162.68517]
Demiriz, Ayhan; Bennett, Kristin P.; Bradley, Paul S., Using assignment constraints to avoid empty clusters in \(k\)-means clustering, 201-220 [Zbl 1161.68762]
Bhattacharya, Indrajit; Getoor, Lise, Collective relational clustering, 221-244 [Zbl 1161.68756]
Gondek, David, Non-redundant data clustering, 245-283 [Zbl 1158.68469]
Ester, Martin; Ge, Rong; Gao, Byron J.; Hu, Zengjian; Ben-Moshe, Boaz, Joint cluster analysis of attribute data and relationship data, 285-312 [Zbl 1156.68565]
Immorlica, Nicole; Wirth, Anthony, Correlation clustering, 313-327 [Zbl 1162.68545]
desJardines, Marie; MacGlashan, James; Ferraioli, Julia, Interactive visual clustering for relational data, 329-355 [Zbl 1162.68591]
Oyama, Satoshi; Tanaka, Katsumi, Distance metric learning from cannot-be-linked example pairs, with application to name disambiguation, 357-374 [Zbl 1162.68565]
Tung, Anthony K. H.; Han, Jiawei; Lakshmanan, Laks V. S.; Ng, Raymond T., Privacy-preserving data publishing: a constraint-based clustering approach, 375-396 [Zbl 1162.68582]


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