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Data analysis in cosmology. (English) Zbl 1152.83004
Lecture Notes in Physics 665. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-23972-7/hbk). xii, 636 p. (2009).

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Indexed articles:
Jones, B. J. T., The sea of wavelets, 3-50 [Zbl 1179.85035]
Heavens, A., Fisher matrices and all that: experimental design and data compression, 51-72 [Zbl 1179.85032]
Martínez-González, E., Cosmic microwave background anisotropies: the power spectrum and beyond, 79-120 [Zbl 1179.85037]
Challinor, A., Cosmic microwave background polarization analysis, 121-158 [Zbl 1179.85027]
Delabrouille, J.; Cardoso, J.-F., Diffuse source separation in CMB observations, 159-205 [Zbl 1229.85010]
Barreiro, R. B., Techniques for compact source extraction in CMB maps, 207-235 [Zbl 1179.85026]
Melchiorri, A.; Odman, C.; Serra, P., Determination of cosmological parameters from cosmic microwave background anisotropies, 237-259 [Zbl 1179.85038]
Martínez, V. J., The large-scale structure in the universe: from power laws to acoustic peaks, 269-289 [Zbl 1179.85036]
Van De Weygaert, R.; Schaap, W., The cosmic web: geometric analysis, 291-413 [Zbl 1205.85048]
Hamilton, A. J. S., Power spectrum estimation. I: Basics, 415-431 [Zbl 1179.85030]
Hamilton, A. J. S., Power spectrum estimation. II: Linear maximum likelihood, 433-456 [Zbl 1179.85031]
Szapudi, I., Introduction to higher order spatial statistics in cosmology, 457-492 [Zbl 1182.85003]
Coles, P., Phase correlations and topological measures of large-scale structure, 493-522 [Zbl 1256.85003]
Saar, E., Multiscale methods, 523-563 [Zbl 1182.85002]
Hoffman, Y., Gaussian fields and constrained simulations of the large-scale structure, 565-583 [Zbl 1179.85034]
Heavens, A., Weak gravitational lensing, 585-600 [Zbl 1179.85033]
Diego, J. M., Mass reconstruction from lensing, 601-627 [Zbl 1179.85029]
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