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On the quiver Grassmannian in the acyclic case. (English) Zbl 1153.14032
Let \(Q\) be a quiver without oriented cycles, let \(A\) be its path algebra and let \(M\) be a finite-dimensional \(A\)-module. The subject of this paper is the geometry of the so-called quiver Grassmannian \(Gr_{\underline e}(M)\) of \(A\)-submodules of dimension \(\underline e\), where \(\underline e\) is a dimension vector; in particular, the Euler characteristics \(\chi_c(Gr_{\underline e}(M))\) of these Grassmannians. This is related to cluster algebras as follows. If \(M\) is an exceptional module (that is, without self-extensions), then there is a suitably defined Laurent polynomial \(\chi_M\) defined in terms of Euler characteristics corresponding to various dimension vectors. It is known that the \(\chi_M\)’s, where \(M\) runs over the set of exceptional modules, form a set of generators of the cluster algebra, called cluster variables. In this paper, an inductive formula to compute \(\chi_c(Gr_{\underline e}(M))\) is given, when is \(M\) is preprojective. This is used to prove a conjecture of Fomin and Zelevinsky for acyclic cluster algebras, namely that \(\chi_c(Gr_{\underline e}(M))\) is positive when \(M\) is exceptional. It is also shown that the quiver Grassmannian is smooth when \(M\) is exceptional.

14L30 Group actions on varieties or schemes (quotients)
14M15 Grassmannians, Schubert varieties, flag manifolds
16G20 Representations of quivers and partially ordered sets
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