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Applications of mathematics in engineering and economics ’34. Proceedings of the 34th international conference (AMEE ’08), Sozopol, Bulgaria, 8–14 June 2008. (English) Zbl 1165.82004
AIP Conference Proceedings 1067. Melville, NY: American Institute of Physics (AIP) (ISBN 978-0-7354-0598-1/hbk). xlii, 569 p. (2008).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Christov, C. I., Space as a material continuum and the cosmological redshift of spectral lines, 3-14 [Zbl 1179.78026]
Feuillebois, F.; Yahiaoui, S., Dilute suspensions near walls, 15-27 [Zbl 1422.76188]
Kojouharov, H. V.; Dimitrov, D. T., Compatible discretizations for continuous dynamical systems, 28-37 [Zbl 1179.65096]
Konstantinov, M. M.; Petkov, P. H., Condition and error estimates in numerical matrix computations, 38-47 [Zbl 1179.65048]
McCall, M. W., Electromagnetics: from covariance to cloaking, 48-63 [Zbl 1179.78014]
Polyanin, A. D.; Zhurov, A. I.; Vyazmina, E. A., Exact solutions to nonlinear equations and systems of equations of general form in mathematical physics, 64-86 [Zbl 1187.35270]
Vatsala, A. S.; Lakshmikantham, V., Fractional differential and integral equations of Riemann-Liouville versus Caputo, 87-93 [Zbl 1192.34011]
Zambrano, S.; Sanjuán, M. A. F., Partial control of a system with fractal basin boundaries, 94-102 [Zbl 1187.37129]
Christou, M. A., Numerical investigation of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with saturation, 105-113 [Zbl 1179.65106]
Gocheva-Ilieva, S. G.; Iliev, I. P.; Temelkov, K. A.; Vuchkov, N. K.; Sabotinov, N. V., Analytical model of the temperature in UV Cu\(^{+}\) CuBr laser, 114-121 [Zbl 1179.80021]
Papanicolaou, N. C.; Christov, C. I., On beam-like functions with radial symmetry, 122-130 [Zbl 1179.65099]
Pontes, J.; Mangiavacchi, N.; dos Anjos, G. Rabello; Barcia, O. E.; Mattos, O. R.; Tribollet, B., Modelling hydrodynamic stability in electrochemical cells, 131-144 [Zbl 1422.76199]
Porubov, A.; Bouche, D.; Bonnaud, G., Use of particular analytical solutions for calculations of nonlinear PDEs, 145-154 [Zbl 1187.35222]
Salupere, A.; Ilison, L.; Tamm, K., On numerical simulation of propagation of solitons in microstructured media, 155-165 [Zbl 1179.65133]
Tabakova, S.; Radev, S., On the stability of a free viscous film, 166-173 [Zbl 1422.76016]
Volkov, P., Prediction of properties of nonlinear processes, 174-184 [Zbl 1423.76413]
Didenko, A.; Allison, D.; Miller, G., Graphing parametric curves using spreadsheets, 187-195 [Zbl 1177.65029]
Douma, M.; Ligierko, G.; Angelov, I., Promoting creative engagement with SpicyNodes, 196-208 [Zbl 1177.00047]
Douma, M.; Ligierko, G.; Angelov, I., SpicyNodes radial map engine, 209-220 [Zbl 1177.00048]
Rodionov, M.; Velmisova, S., Construction of mathematical problems by students themselves, 221-228 [Zbl 1177.00086]
Stoynov, Y. D., Computer-supported classes in mathematics for engineering students, 229-236 [Zbl 1177.00102]
Dankov, D.; Roussinov, V., Modeling and applications of the cylindrical Couette flow of a rarefied gas, 239-243 [Zbl 1422.76158]
Gilev, B., Model and \(H_\infty\) controller for a distributed parameter system, 244-252 [Zbl 1179.78018]
Jovanovic, Boško S.; Kandilarov, J.; Vulkov, L., Increasing of the accuracy in the computation of the concentrations in diffusion models with localized chemical reactions, 253-261 [Zbl 1179.65089]
Koleva, M. N., A two-grid algorithm for implementation of fully conservative difference schemes of the gas dynamics equations, 262-270 [Zbl 1422.76136]
Monier, L.; Brossier, F.; Razafimahery, F., Validation of a three-dimensional model of the ocean circulation, 271-278 [Zbl 1422.86007]
Todorov, M. D.; Djulgerova, R.; Mihailov, V.; Koperski, J., Procedure for deconvolution of time-dependent signals with sinusoidal shape, 279-283 [Zbl 1180.78047]
Vulkov, L. G.; Zadorin, A. I., Two-grid interpolation algorithms for difference schemes of exponential type for semilinear diffusion convection-dominated equations, 284-292 [Zbl 1178.65094]
Xiang, S., Efficient modified Filon-type quadrature for highly oscillatory Bessel transformations, 293-301 [Zbl 1179.65030]
Angelova, I. T.; Vulkov, L. G., Comparison of the two-grid method on different meshes for singularly perturbed semilinear problems, 305-312 [Zbl 1179.65095]
Ferreira, F. A., Quantity stickiness versus Stackelberg leadership, 313-320 [Zbl 1178.91058]
Ferreira, F. A.; Ferreira, Fl., Welfare effects of entry into international markets with licensing, 321-327 [Zbl 1178.91052]
Stoyanov, T., A localization of the zeros of some holomorphic functions, 328-330 [Zbl 1179.30006]
Antonova, A. O., Approximate analytic solutions of the Lotka-Volterra system, 333-340 [Zbl 1185.34058]
Avramska, S.; Venkov, G. P., Global solutions to the \(L^{2}\)-critical Schrödinger-Poisson system, 341-351 [Zbl 1182.35032]
Bogdanov, A. Yu., On stabilization of nonautonomous nonlinear systems, 352-360 [Zbl 1185.37032]
Dimitrova, M. B.; Donev, V. I., Oscillation criteria in first order neutral delay impulsive differential equations with constant coefficients, 361-372 [Zbl 1185.34085]
Georgiev, G. H., Space-like Bézier curves in the three-dimensional Minkowski space, 373-380 [Zbl 1179.65020]
Melton, T. G.; Vatsala, A. S., Higher order convergence for nonlinear parabolic integro-differential equations by generalized quasilinearization, 381-389 [Zbl 1179.65164]
Petrova, Z., Galerkin’s method and distributions of zeros of some equations from the mechanics I, 390-402 [Zbl 1178.65138]
Raeva, M., On the maximum number of periodical solutions of a class of autonomous systems, 403-413 [Zbl 1192.34041]
Vel’misov, P. A.; Ankilov, A. V., Stability of the solutions of one class of aerohydroelasticity problems, 414-426 [Zbl 1238.74018]
Vel’misov, P. A.; Todorov, M. D.; Kazakova, Yu. A., Some classes of the solutions of aerohydromechanic equations, 427-441 [Zbl 1238.76025]
Zhou, Yong Xiong; Xiang, S., On the solution of stiff ordinary differential equations, 442-447 [Zbl 1178.65081]
Baeva, S.; Komarevska, L.; Nedeva, C.; Trenev, L., Multi-criterial decision making for selection and assignment of sportsmen in team-games, 451-457 [Zbl 1182.90077]
Boyadzhiev, D., Statistical characteristics of single sort of grape Bulgarian wines, 458-466 [Zbl 1178.62128]
Dimitrov, S.; Kovacheva, S.; Prodanova, K., Realization of ridge regression in MATLAB, 467-474 [Zbl 1178.62072]
Gocheva-Ilieva, S. G.; Iliev, I. P., On the application of the multidimensional statistical techniques for exploring copper bromide vapor laser, 475-482 [Zbl 1178.62127]
Gürler, Ü.; Berk, E.; Akbay, Ü, Bayesian updating of demand and backorder distributions in a newsvendor inventory problem, 483-490 [Zbl 1178.62021]
Manoilov, G.; Deliiska, B., Ontological model of business process management systems, 491-499 [Zbl 1191.68659]
Bijev, G., Some applications of matrix - and computer algebra in relation theory, 503-509 [Zbl 1191.68887]
Hinov, N.; Vakovsky, D.; Kraev, G., Hybrid inverter analysis using mathematical software, 510-515 [Zbl 1179.78003]
Zahariev, Z., Solving max-min relational equations. Software and applications, 516-523 [Zbl 1177.90005]
Drozdowicz, M.; Ganzha, M.; Kuranowski, W.; Paprzycki, M.; Alshabani, I.; Olejnik, R.; Taifour, M.; Senobari, M.; Lirkov, I., Software agents in ADAJ: load balancing in a distributed environment, 527-540 [Zbl 1191.68723]
Goranova, R., Security in service-oriented grid, 541-548 [Zbl 1191.68035]
Karaivanova, A.; Atanassov, E.; Gurov, T.; Stevanovic, R.; Skala, K., Variance reduction MCMs with application in environmental studies: sensitivity analysis, 549-558 [Zbl 1179.65006]
Riedel, M.; Mallmann, D.; Streit, A., Usage of the UNICORE grid technology in scientific and economic domains, 559-566 [Zbl 1191.68056]

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