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Fifth colloquium on mathematics and computer science. Lectures from the colloquium, Blaubeuren, Germany, September 22–26, 2008. (English) Zbl 1172.05004

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 3rd colloquium has been reviewed (see Zbl 1047.68003).
Indexed articles:
Le Gall, Jean-François, The continuous limit of large random planar maps, 1-18 [Zbl 1357.60036]
Szpankowski, Wojciech, Average redundancy for known sources: ubiquitous trees in source coding, 19-58 [Zbl 1355.94030]
Yukich, J. E., Point process stabilization methods and dimension estimation, 59-70 [Zbl 1357.60054]
Penrose, Mathew D.; Rosoman, Tom, Error bounds in stochastic-geometric normal approximation, 71-94 [Zbl 1358.60023]
Luczak, Malwina J., Concentration of measure and mixing for Markov chains, 95-120 [Zbl 1357.60075]
Broutin, Nicolas; Flajolet, Philippe, The height of random binary unlabelled trees, 121-134 [Zbl 1355.68061]
Louchard, Guy; Prodinger, Helmut, The register function for lattice paths, 135-148 [Zbl 1355.05085]
Drmota, Michael; Gittenberger, Bernhard; Panholzer, Alois, The degree distribution of thickened trees, 149-162 [Zbl 1355.68205]
Drmota, Michael; Giménez, Omer; Noy, Marc, Degree distribution in random planar graphs, 163-178 [Zbl 1355.05223]
Bassino, F.; Clément, J.; Fayolle, J.; Nicodème, P., Constructions for clumps statistics, 179-194 [Zbl 1355.68209]
Eagle, Christopher; Gao, Zhicheng; Omar, Mohamed; Panario, Daniel; Richmond, Bruce, Distribution of the number of encryptions in revocation schemes for stateless receivers, 195-206 [Zbl 1355.68078]
Duchi, Enrica; Poulalhon, Dominique, On square permutations, 207-222 [Zbl 1355.05006]
Schopp, Eva-Maria, Polynomial tails of additive-type recursions, 223-234 [Zbl 1358.60016]
Gnedin, Alexander; Iksanov, Alex; Roesler, Uwe, Small parts in the Bernoulli sieve, 235-242 [Zbl 1357.60096]
Iksanov, Alex; Negadajlov, Pavlo, On the number of zero increments of random walks with a barrier, 243-250 [Zbl 1357.60046]
Eğecioğlu, Ömer; Redmond, Timothy; Ryavec, Charles, Evaluation of a special Hankel determinant of binomial coefficients, 251-268 [Zbl 1355.05011]
Holmgren, Cecilia, Random records and cuttings in split trees: extended abstract, 269-282 [Zbl 1355.68064]
Simatos, Florian, A variant of the recoil growth algorithm to generate multi-polymer systems, 283-294 [Zbl 1355.82067]
Chabchoub, Yousra; Fricker, Christine; Meunier, Frédéric; Tibi, Danielle, Analysis of an algorithm catching elephants on the Internet, 295-310 [Zbl 1355.68301]
Möhle, Martin, Convergence to the coalescent and its relation to the time back to the most recent common ancestor, 311-324 [Zbl 1355.92076]
Loi, Cédric; Cournède, Paul Henry, Generating functions of stochastic L-systems and application to models of plant development, 325-338 [Zbl 1355.92062]
Sulzbach, Henning, A functional limit law for the profile of plane-oriented recursive trees, 339-350 [Zbl 1355.05229]
Berstel, Jean; Boasson, Luc; Carton, Olivier, Hopcroft’s automaton minimization algorithm and Sturmian words, 351-362 [Zbl 1355.68211]
Chapuy, Guillaume, Are even maps on surfaces likely to be bipartite?, 363-374 [Zbl 1355.05093]
Vatutin, Vladimir A.; Kyprianou, Andreas E., Branching processes in random environment die slowly, 375-396 [Zbl 1357.60094]
Dyakonova, Elena, On subcritical multi-type branching process in random environment, 397-404 [Zbl 1357.60090]
Gilch, Lorenz A., Rate of escape of random walks on regular languages and free products by amalgamation of finite groups, 405-420 [Zbl 1355.68156]
Alsmeyer, Gerold; Meiners, Matthias, A note on the transience of critical branching random walks on the line, 421-436 [Zbl 1357.60089]
Kozik, Jakub, Subcritical pattern languages for and/or trees, 437-448 [Zbl 1355.68162]
Kostrzycka, Zofia, On density of truth of the intuitionistic logic in one variable, 449-460 [Zbl 1355.03010]
Genitrini, Antoine; Kozik, Jakub; Matecki, Grzegorz, On the density and the structure of the Peirce-like formulae, 461-474 [Zbl 1355.03009]
Pivoteau, Carine; Salvy, Bruno; Soria, Michèle, Boltzmann oracle for combinatorial systems, 475-488 [Zbl 1355.05029]
Marchal, Philippe, A note on the fragmentation of a stable tree, 489-500 [Zbl 1355.05239]
Freiberg, Uta; Thäle, Christoph, A Markov chain algorithm for determining crossing times through nested graphs, 501-518 [Zbl 1357.60077]
Aguech, Rafik, The size of random fragmentation intervals, 519-530 [Zbl 1358.60008]
Schwerdtfeger, Uwe, Volume laws for boxed plane partitions and area laws for Ferrers diagrams, 531-540 [Zbl 1358.60017]
Janson, Svante, Plane recursive trees, Stirling permutations and an urn model, 541-548 [Zbl 1358.60015]
Flajolet, Philippe; Huillet, Thierry, Analytic combinatorics of the Mabinogion urn, 549-572 [Zbl 1358.60014]
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