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Selected areas in cryptography. 15th international workshop, SAC 2008, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada, August 14–15. Revised selected papers. (English) Zbl 1173.94003
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5381. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-04158-7/pbk). xi, 457 p. (2009).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding workshop has been reviewed (see Zbl 1132.94002).
Indexed articles:
Birkner, Peter; Thériault, Nicolas, Faster halvings in genus 2, 1-17 [Zbl 1256.94044]
Fan, Xinxin; Gong, Guang; Jao, David, Efficient pairing computation on genus 2 curves in projective coordinates, 18-34 [Zbl 1256.94049]
Grabher, Philipp; Großschädl, Johann; Page, Dan, On software parallel implementation of cryptographic pairings, 35-50 [Zbl 1256.94051]
Etrog, Jonathan; Robshaw, Matt J. B., The cryptanalysis of reduced-round SMS4, 51-65 [Zbl 1256.94047]
Patarin, Jacques; Seurin, Yannick, Building secure block ciphers on generic attacks assumptions, 66-81 [Zbl 1256.94061]
Silverman, Joseph H., Lifting and elliptic curve discrete logarithms, 82-102 [Zbl 1256.94065]
Aoki, Kazumaro; Sasaki, Yu, Preimage attacks on one-block MD4, 63-step MD5 and more, 103-119 [Zbl 1256.94040]
Aumasson, Jean-Philippe; Meier, Willi; Mendel, Florian, Preimage attacks on 3-pass HAVAL and step-reduced MD5, 120-135 [Zbl 1256.94041]
Fouque, Pierre-Alain; Stern, Jacques; Zimmer, Sébastien, Cryptanalysis of tweaked versions of SMASH and reparation, 136-150 [Zbl 1256.94050]
Kavuluru, Ramakanth; Klapper, Andrew, Counting functions for the \(k\)-error linear complexity of \(2^{n }\)-periodic binary sequences, 151-164 [Zbl 1256.94036]
Rivain, Matthieu, On the exact success rate of side channel analysis in the Gaussian model, 165-183 [Zbl 1256.94062]
Berbain, Côme; Gilbert, Henri; Joux, Antoine, Algebraic and correlation attacks against linearly filtered non linear feedback shift registers, 184-198 [Zbl 1256.94043]
Zenner, Erik, A cache timing analysis of HC-256, 199-213 [Zbl 1256.94070]
Zhang, Bin; Feng, Dengguo, An improved fast correlation attack on stream ciphers, 214-227 [Zbl 1256.94071]
Andreeva, Elena; Preneel, Bart, A three-property-secure hash function, 228-244 [Zbl 1256.94039]
Bouillaguet, Charles; Fouque, Pierre-Alain, Analysis of the collision resistance of RadioGatún using algebraic techniques, 245-261 [Zbl 1256.94045]
Hirose, Shoichi; Kuwakado, Hidenori, A scheme to base a hash function on a block cipher, 262-275 [Zbl 1256.94053]
Indesteege, Sebastiaan; Mendel, Florian; Preneel, Bart; Rechberger, Christian, Collisions and other non-random properties for step-reduced SHA-256, 276-293 [Zbl 1256.94054]
Heidarvand, Somayeh; Villar, Jorge L., Public verifiability from pairings in secret sharing schemes, 294-308 [Zbl 1256.94052]
Lauter, Kristin E.; Stange, Katherine E., The elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem and equivalent hard problems for elliptic divisibility sequences, 309-327 [Zbl 1256.94055]
Patarin, Jacques, The “coefficients H” technique, 328-345 [Zbl 1256.94060]
Amiel, Frederic; Feix, Benoit; Tunstall, Michael; Whelan, Claire; Marnane, William P., Distinguishing multiplications from squaring operations, 346-360 [Zbl 1256.94038]
Schost, Éric; Hariri, Arash, Subquadratic polynomial multiplication over \(\mathrm{GF}(2^{m })\) using trinomial bases and Chinese remaindering, 361-372 [Zbl 1256.94064]
Suzuki, Kyohei; Iwata, Tetsu, Bounds on fixed input/output length post-processing functions for biased physical random number generators, 373-386 [Zbl 1256.94066]
Fan, Junfeng; Batina, Lejla; Verbauwhede, Ingrid, HECC goes embedded: an area-efficient implementation of HECC, 387-400 [Zbl 1256.94048]
Michiels, Wil; Gorissen, Paul; Hollmann, Henk D. L., Cryptanalysis of a generic class of white-box implementations, 414-428 [Zbl 1256.94058]
Wang, Meiqin; Wang, Xiaoyun; Hu, Changhui, New linear cryptanalytic results of reduced-round of CAST-128 and CAST-256, 429-441 [Zbl 1256.94068]
Wu, Wenling; Zhang, Lei; Zhang, Wentao, Improved impossible differential cryptanalysis of reduced-round Camellia, 442-456 [Zbl 1256.94069]

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