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Intrinsic localized modes in microresonator arrays and their relationship to nonlinear vibration modes. (English) Zbl 1178.74078
Summary: Intrinsic Localized Modes (ILMs) are defined as localizations due to strong intrinsic nonlinearity within an array of perfect, periodically repeating oscillators. Such nonlinear phenomena have been studied for a number of years in the solid-state physics literature. Energy can become localized at a specific location in a discrete system as a result of the nonlinearity of the system and not due to any defects or impurities within the considered systems. Here, such mode localization is studied in the context of microcantilever arrays and microresonator arrays, and it is explored if an ILM can be realized as a forced nonlinear normal mode or nonlinear vibration mode. The method of multiple scales and methods to construct nonlinear normal modes are used to study nonlinear vibrations of microresonator arrays. Investigations reported in this article suggest that it is possible to realize an ILM as a forced nonlinear vibration mode. These results are believed to be important for future designs of microresonator arrays intended for signal processing, communication, and sensor applications.

74H45 Vibrations in dynamical problems in solid mechanics
74M25 Micromechanics of solids
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