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Embedding height balanced trees and Fibonacci trees in hypercubes. (English) Zbl 1193.68187
Summary: A height balanced tree is a rooted binary tree \(T\) in which for every vertex \(v\in V(T)\), the difference \(\mathbf b_T(v)\) between the heights of the subtrees, rooted at the left and right child of \(v\) is at most one. We show that a height-balanced tree \(T_h\) of height \(h\) is a subtree of the hypercube \(Q_{h+1}\) of dimension \(h+1\), if \(T_h\) contains a path \(P\) from its root to a leaf such that \(\mathbf b_{T_{h}}(v)=1\) , for every non-leaf vertex \(v\) in \(P\). A Fibonacci tree \(\mathbb{F}_{h}\) is a height balanced tree \(T_h\) of height \(h\) in which \(\mathbf{b}_{\mathbb{F}_{h}}(v)=1\), for every non-leaf vertex. \(\mathbb{F}_{h}\) has \(f(h+2)-1\) vertices where \(f(h+2)\) denotes the \((h+2)\)th Fibonacci number. Since \(f(h)\sim 20.694h\), it follows that if \(\mathbb{F}_{h}\) is a subtree of \(Q_n\), then \(n\) is at least \(0.694(h+2)\). We prove that \(\mathbb{F}_{h}\) is a subtree of the hypercube of dimension approximately \(0.75h\).

68R10 Graph theory (including graph drawing) in computer science
65Y05 Parallel numerical computation
05C05 Trees
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