Mementos to mathematicians in Berlin and Potsdam. (Zeugnisse zu Mathematikern in Berlin und Potsdam.) (German) Zbl 1195.01098

Mathematik in Berlin. Berlin: Berliner Mathematische Gesellschaft (ISBN 978-3-940170-03-3/pbk). Forum der Berliner Mathematischen Gesellschaft 3, 50-79 (2007).
During a promenade or sightseeing tour through Berlin and Potsdam, it is possible to find many mementos to mathematicians: tombs, houses, old or new memorials, or street-names reminding well-known scientists. Wolfgang Volk took pictures of the mementos he found, noted the places as well as the reason of its existence. These mementos may bring into mind the importance of mathematics in general, and the repute of many famous mathematicians who worked in Berlin.
For the entire collection see [Zbl 1175.01056].


01A99 History of mathematics and mathematicians