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Advances in grey systems research. Selected papers of the 2009 IEEE international conference on grey systems and intelligent services (IEEE GSIS 2009), Nanjing, China, November 10–12, 2009. (English) Zbl 1195.93003
Understanding Complex Systems. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-13937-6/hbk; 978-3-642-13938-3/ebook). xv, 595 p. (2010).

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Indexed articles:
Gong, Zaiwu; Yao, Tianxiang; Cao, Jie; Li, Lianshui, On the priority models of the grey interval preference relation, 13-21 [Zbl 1234.91001]
Song, Zhongmin; Yan, Xizu, Critical path for a grey interval project network, 37-46 [Zbl 1230.90050]
Wu, Shunxiang; Yang, Junjie; Wei, Wenchang; Lin, Lihua; Luo, Zhifeng, A new dynamic clustering algorithm for an interval grey number, 47-58 [Zbl 1233.68209]
Xie, Naiming; Liu, Sifeng, Research on the new algorithms of simple grey numbers, complex grey numbers and multiple grey numbers, 59-71 [Zbl 1233.68210]
Yang, Yingjie, Extended grey numbers, 73-85 [Zbl 1231.68257]
Zhang, Qishan; Liu, Hong, Location of logistics distribution centers with grey production capacity based on hybrid PSO, 95-102 [Zbl 1229.90077]
Chao, Rih-Chang; Masatake, Nagai; Hsieh, Tien-Yu; Sheu, Tian-Wei; Kuo, Bor-Chen; Tsai, Ya-Hsun; Yeh, Shin-I, Apply GRA in CSL communication topics selection, 121-129 [Zbl 05938814]
Cui, Lizhi; Liu, Sifeng, The model of new grey incidence and its application, 131-139 [Zbl 05938815]
Xiao, Xinping; Guo, Huan, Optimization method of grey relation analysis based on the minimum sensitivity of attribute weights, 177-189 [Zbl 1234.90009]
Zhang, Ke; Liu, Sifeng, Research on extended cluster of grey incidences and its application, 191-200 [Zbl 05938820]
Dong, Fenyi; Liu, Junjuan; Liu, Bin, Study of an improved grey integrated clustering method and its application, 203-213 [Zbl 1370.62031]
Duan, Lizhong; Zhang, Ying; Fan, Xingxing, Study of the influencing factors of the development of Chinese medicine with grey clustering analysis, 215-228 [Zbl 05938822]
Jian, Lirong; Liu, Sifeng; Ma, Hongfang, Empirical research on the selection of regional key technology for international S&T cooperation, 245-254 [Zbl 05938824]
Li, Meijuan; Zhuang, Hua; Chen, Guohong, Dynamic evaluation and analysis of regional technological innovation capacity based on a gray target, 255-266 [Zbl 05938825]
Liu, Sifeng; Sheng, Keqin, Analysis of the regional characteristics of the distribution of scientific and technological talents in Jiangsu province, 267-279 [Zbl 05938826]
Zhu, Jianjun; Liu, Sifeng; Zhu, Ningning; Ding, Ye, The novel energy policy evaluation method and its application in oil and gas fields in China, 281-293 [Zbl 05938827]
Guo, Huan; Xiao, Xinping; Feng, Xiuqin, Research on MGM \((1,N|\tau,r)\) model and application, 305-315 [Zbl 05938829]
Ji, Peirong; Zou, Hongbo; Hu, Xinyu, A modified GM\((1,1)\) model and its application, 317-325 [Zbl 05938830]
Li, Bingjun; He, Chunhua, The interval forecasting method based on non-equidistant GM\((1,1)\) with application to regional grain production, 327-339 [Zbl 05938831]
Li, Xuemei; Dang, Yaoguo; Zhao, Jiejue, An optimization method of estimating parameters in GM\((1,1)\) model, 341-347 [Zbl 05938832]
Wan, Qin; Wei, Yong; Yang, Xiongqiong, Research on grey wave forecasting model, 349-359 [Zbl 05938833]
Wang, Yinao; Wu, Lifeng; Cai, Fengjing, A method of modeling logistics, 361-370 [Zbl 05938834]
Wu, Der-Bang; Ma, Hsiu-Lan; Chen, Guey-Shya; Chang, Hei-Tsz, An application of GM\((0,N)\) on analyzing the first van Hiele geometrical thinking level, 371-383 [Zbl 05938835]
Yao, Tianxiang; Gong, Zaiwu; Xie, Naiming; Gao, Hong, The discrete grey prediction model based on optimized initial value, 385-393 [Zbl 05938836]
Tang, Chi; Yin, Boming, The excel test modeling via four data in evaluation of education information, 395-403 [Zbl 05938837]
Kaczorek, Tadeusz, Positive fractional linear systems, 429-436 [Zbl 1235.34018]
Dang, Luo; Ling, Zhou, Integrated method of grey multi-attribute risk group decision-making, 437-448 [Zbl 1229.91102]
Wang, Qiuping; Zhang, Daohong; Hu, Haiqing, Grey relational analysis method of linguistic information and its application in group decision, 449-459 [Zbl 1229.91108]
Wei, Yong; Kong, Xinhai, The relation between grey relational decision making and grey situation decision making under the proper condition, 461-467 [Zbl 1231.90247]
Fan, Jianmin; Hou, Guangming; He, Xinwen, Research on the support system of dual-use core technologies integration based on open innovation, 481-492 [Zbl 1234.93003]
Gong, Yonghua; Li, Bangyi, Network externality, call externality and price policy: a consumer development analysis of China’s 3G mobile data services, 515-525 [Zbl 1234.91002]
Bin, Liu; Rong, Zhang; Hongyuan, Bai, Coordinating an online dual-channel supply chain with asymmetrical information, 527-539 [Zbl 1241.90012]
Wang, Jianling; Liu, Sifeng; Wang, Yun, The gap prediction for the sci-tech innovative talent of Jiangsu province, 553-559 [Zbl 05938851]
Wang, Wenping; Shen, Qiuying; Chen, Yuqing, Community degree, clustering coefficient and knowledge propagation efficiency in complex networks, 561-569 [Zbl 05938852]

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