Rigid body assembly impact models for adiabatic cutoff equipments. (English) Zbl 1198.70007

Summary: This paper is concerned with systems consisting of components colliding with each other. In particular, a high velocity adiabatic impact cutoff machine is investigated. For general understanding of the impact dynamics (affected by a large number of parameters), the mechanismus are modelled in a simplified and accurate manner. Two simple models are developed: the energy-balance model and the spring-mass model. The energy-balance model is based on the principle of total energy conservation. It provides only the punch minimum kinetic energy required for efficient cutting. Concerning the spring-mass model, the different components are represented by rigid masses and their deformations are modelled by springs (linear or nonlinear in the case of contact stiffness). The resulting nonlinear equations are solved using the Newmark numerical technique. The impact force, velocity, displacement and acceleration histories are calculated what makes possible a fine description of the cutoff cycle steps. The two models are helpful for both the design and tuning of the mechanisms involving impacts between their components.


70F35 Collision of rigid or pseudo-rigid bodies
70K99 Nonlinear dynamics in mechanics
74M20 Impact in solid mechanics