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Handbook of power systems. I. (English) Zbl 1201.00002
Energy Systems. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-02492-4/hbk; 978-3-642-02493-1/ebook). xx, 494 p. (2010).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For part II see Zbl 1201.00001.
Publisher’s description: Energy is one of the world’s most challenging problems, and power systems are an important aspect of energy related issues. This handbook contains state-of-the-art contributions on power systems modeling and optimization. The book is separated into two volumes with six sections, which cover the most important areas of energy systems. The first volume covers the topics operations planning and expansion planning while the second volume focuses on transmission and distribution modeling, forecasting in energy, energy auctions and markets, as well as risk management. The contributions are authored by recognized specialists in their fields and consist in either state-of-the-art reviews or examinations of state-of-the-art developments. The articles are not purely theoretical, but instead also discuss specific applications in power systems.
Indexed articles:
Read, E. Grant; Hindsberger, Magnus, Constructive dual DP for reservoir optimization, 3-32 [Zbl 1359.90132]
Gjelsvik, Anders; Mo, Birger; Haugstad, Arne, Long- and medium-term operations planning and stochastic modelling in hydro-dominated power systems based on stochastic dual dynamic programming, 33-55 [Zbl 1359.90063]
Tilmant, A.; Goor, Q., Dynamic management of hydropower-irrigation systems, 57-75 [Zbl 1359.90025]
Dereu, Guillaume; Grellier, Vincent, Latest improvements of EDF mid-term power generation management, 77-94 [Zbl 1359.90062]
Moura, Pedro S.; de Almeida, Aníbal T., Large scale integration of wind power generation, 95-119 [Zbl 1359.90065]
Zheng, Qipeng P.; Rebennack, Steffen; Iliadis, Niko A.; Pardalos, Panos M., Optimization models in the natural gas industry, 121-148 [Zbl 1359.90069]
Bezerra, B.; Barroso, L. A.; Kelman, R.; Flach, B.; Latorre, M. L.; Campodonico, N.; Pereira, M., Integrated electricity-gas operations planning in long-term hydroscheduling based on stochastic models, 149-175 [Zbl 1359.90059]
Römisch, Werner; Vigerske, Stefan, Recent progress in two-stage mixed-integer stochastic programming with applications to power production planning, 177-208 [Zbl 1359.90077]
Gomes, Bruno André; Saraiva, João Tomé, Dealing with load and generation cost uncertainties in power system operation studies: a fuzzy approach, 209-233 [Zbl 1359.90163]
Zhao, Qianchuan; Li, Xiao; Zheng, Da-Zhong, OBDD-based load shedding algorithm for power systems, 235-253 [Zbl 1359.90074]
Salam, Md. Sayeed, Solution to short-term unit commitment problem, 255-292 [Zbl 1359.90044]
Adarijo-Akindele, O.; Yang, A.; Cecelja, F.; Kokossis, A. C., A systems approach for the optimal retrofitting of utility networks under demand and market uncertainties, 293-306 [Zbl 1359.90021]
Read, E. Grant, Co-optimization of energy and ancillary service markets, 307-327 [Zbl 1359.90067]
Vogstad, Klaus; Kristoffersen, Trine Krogh, Investment decisions under uncertainty using stochastic dynamic programming: A case study of wind power, 331-341 [Zbl 1359.90068]
Ferreira, P.; Araújo, M.; O’Kelly, M. E. J., The integration of social concerns into electricity power planning: a combined Delphi and AHP approach, 343-364 [Zbl 1359.90050]
Alguacil, Natalia; Arroyo, José M.; Carrión, Miguel, Transmission network expansion planning under deliberate outages, 365-389 [Zbl 1359.90013]
Paulun, T.; Haubrich, H.-J., Long-term and expansion planning for electrical networks considering uncertainties, 391-408 [Zbl 1359.90023]
Georgilakis, Pavlos S., Differential evolution solution to transmission expansion planning problem, 409-427 [Zbl 1359.90022]
Gao, Y.; Shang, Z.; Cecelja, F.; Yang, A.; Kokossis, A. C., Agent-based global energy management systems for the process industry, 429-450 [Zbl 1359.90051]
Pisică, Ioana; Postolache, Petru; Edvall, Marcus M., Optimal planning of distributed generation via nonlinear optimization and genetic algorithms, 451-482 [Zbl 1359.90143]

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