EAGLE guide. From Leonardo da Vinci to Galileo Galilei. Mathematics and Renaissance. (EAGLE-Guide. Von Leonardo da Vinci bis Galileo Galilei. Mathematik und Renaissance.) (German) Zbl 1204.01011

EAGLE 41. Leipzig: Edition am Gutenbergplatz Leipzig (EAGLE) (ISBN 978-3-937219-41-7/pbk). 70 p. (2010).
This nice booklet provides an historical sketch of the development of mathematics and neighboring disciplines, like astronomy or physics, during the “Renaissance” (ca. 1200 to ca. 1600). The account is mainly restricted to Europe, there is, however, also a section on “Proselytization in China.” The booklet is richly illustrated by pictures of stamps from all over the world.


01A40 History of mathematics in the 15th and 16th centuries, Renaissance
00A66 Mathematics and visual arts