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A Hamiltonian Krylov-Schur-type method based on the symplectic Lanczos process. (English) Zbl 1219.65040
The paper presents a Krylov-Schur-like restarting technique applied within the symplectic Lanczos algorithm for the Hamiltonian eigenvalue problem.
The first section is an introduction in nature.
The second and third sections briefly reviewed the symplectic Lanczos method and the Hamiltonian SR method.
The fourth section expands the new restarting technique for the symplectic Lanczos method based on Krylov-Schur-like decompositions.
The fifth section focuses on the purging and locking strategy in order to improve the convergence properties of the symplectic Lanczos algorithm.
The sixth section concerns the stopping criteria while the shift-and-invert techniques are briefly discussed in the seventh section.
In order to prove the accuracy of the eigenvalue approximations, the eight section presents the results of some numerical experiments obtained with Krylov-Schur-type method for Hamiltonian eigenproblems, performed in MATLAB R006a and concerning heat transfer equation and random phase approximation.

65F15 Numerical computation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrices
65F50 Computational methods for sparse matrices
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