Imperfect production process with exponential demand rate, Weibull deterioration under inflation. (English) Zbl 1225.90050

Summary: In this research, an integrated production inventory model is developed from the perspective of both the manufacturer and the retailer. The model assumes exponential demand rate, production rate is demand dependent under the inflation, imperfect production process and multiple deliveries. We have assumed that the produced items deteriorates at a constant rate at the producer’s end due to the proper storages conditions, and as the items reaches the retailer’s end follows the Weibull deterioration. Shortages are allowed at the retailer’s part only and the unfulfilled demand is partially backlogged. A numerical example along with sensitivity analysis is given to illustrate the model. Integrated cost policy is compared with the independent decisions made by the manufacturer and the retailer’s and the necessary conclusions are made. Mathematica5.2 is being used to reach the optimal policies.


90B30 Production models
62P30 Applications of statistics in engineering and industry; control charts
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