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Technical communications of the 27th international conference on logic programming (ICLP 2011), Lexington, Kentucky, USA, July 6–10, 2011. (English) Zbl 1237.68017
LIPIcs – Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics 11. Wadern: Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz Zentrum für Informatik (ISBN 978-3-939897-31-6). 300 p., electronic. (2011).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see Zbl 1213.68040.
Indexed articles:
Gebser, Martin; Kaminski, Roland; Kaufmann, Benjamin; Schaub, Torsten, Multi-criteria optimization in answer set programming, 1-10, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68052]
Bochman, Alexander; Lifschitz, Vladimir, Yet another characterization of strong equivalence, 11-15, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68045]
Ostrowski, Max; Flouris, Giorgos; Schaub, Torsten; Antoniou, Grigoris, Evolution of ontologies using ASP, 16-27, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68199]
Drescher, Christian; Walsh, Toby, Modelling grammar constraints with answer set programming, 28-39, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68173]
Brik, Alex; Remmel, Jeffrey B., Hybrid ASP, 40-50, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68047]
Casolary, Michael; Lee, Joohyung, Representing the language of the causal calculator in answer set programming, 51-61, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68048]
Zombori, Zsolt; Csorba, János; Szeredi, Péter, Static type checking for the Q functional language in Prolog, 62-72, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68170]
Jackson, Ethan K.; Bjørner, Nikolaj; Schulte, Wolfram, Canonical regular types, 73-83, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68053]
Eichberg, Michael, Compiling Prolog to idiomatic Java, 84-94, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68050]
Herranz, Ángel; Mariño, Julio, Synthesis of logic programs from object-oriented formal specifications, 95-105, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68063]
Alrajeh, Dalal; Kramer, Jeff; Russo, Alessandra; Uchitel, Sebastian, An inductive approach for modal transition system refinement, 106-116, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68061]
De Koninck, Leslie; Brand, Sebastian; Stuckey, Peter J., Constraints in non-Boolean contexts, 117-127, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68049]
Wang, Peter; Somogyi, Zoltan, Minimizing the overheads of dependent AND-parallelism, 128-138, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68058]
Bulwahn, Lukas, Smart test data generators via logic programming, 139-150, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68168]
Brass, Stefan, Declarative output by ordering text pieces, 151-161, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68077]
Fodor, Paul; Kifer, Michael, Transaction logic with defaults and argumentation theories, 162-174, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68184]
Ma, Jiefei; Russo, Alessandra; Broda, Krysia; Lupu, Emil, Multi-agent confidential abductive reasoning, 175-186, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68234]
Dovier, Agostino; Formisano, Andrea; Pontelli, Enrico, BAAC: a Prolog system for action description and agents coordination, 187-197, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68232]
Hanus, Michael, Declarative processing of semistructured web data, 198-208, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68074]
Chisham, Brandon; Pontelli, Enrico; Son, Tran Cao; Wright, Ben, CDAOstore: a phylogenetic repository using logic programming and web services, 209-219, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68192]
Christiansen, Henning; Have, Christian Theil; Lassen, Ole Torp; Petit, Matthieu, Bayesian annotation networks for complex sequence analysis, 220-230, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68193]
Molinaro, Cristian; Sliva, Amy; Subrahmanian, V. S., Abduction in annotated probabilistic temporal logic, 240-250, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68056]
Brik, Alex, Extensions of answer set programming, 261-267, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68046]
Campli, Paola, A semiring-based framework for fair resources allocation, 268-273, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68172]
Krennwallner, Thomas, Promoting modular nonmonotonic logic programs, 274-279, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68054]
Kriener, Jael, Correct reasoning about logic programs, 280-283, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68055]
Šimko, Alexander, Accepting the natural order of rules in a logic program with preferences, 284-289, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68057]
Wilson, Walter W., Implementation of axiomatic language, 290-295, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68059]
Zombori, Zsolt, Two phase description logic reasoning for efficient information retrieval, 296-300, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68200]

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