Extended abstracts of the 5th European conference on combinatorics, graph theory and applications, EuroComb’09, Bordeaux, France, September 7–11, 2009. (English) Zbl 1239.05008

Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 34. Amsterdam: Elsevier. 596 p., electronic only (2009).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1137.05002; Zbl 1200.05008].
Indexed articles:
Knauer, Kolja, Chip-firing, antimatroids, and polyhedra, 9-13 [Zbl 1272.05121]
Lladó, A.; Moragas, J., On the sumset partition problem, 15-19 [Zbl 1272.05008]
Postle, Luke; Streib, Noah; Yerger, Carl, Pebbling graphs of diameter three and four, 21-28 [Zbl 1273.68283]
Ries, Bernard, Some properties of edge intersection graphs of single bend paths on a grid, 29-33 [Zbl 1272.05134]
Dvořák, Tomáš; Fink, Jiří; Gregor, Petr; Koubek, Václav, Long paths and cycles in faulty hypercubes: existence, optimality, complexity, 35-39 [Zbl 1272.05090]
Panagiotou, Konstantinos; Sinha, Makrand, Vertices of degree \(k\) in random unlabeled trees, 41-45 [Zbl 1272.05182]
Kennedy, W. Sean; Meagher, Conor; Reed, Bruce A., Fractionally edge colouring graphs with large maximum degree in linear time, 47-51 [Zbl 1272.05050]
Tancer, Martin, \(D\)-collapsibility is NP-complete for \(d \geq 4\), 53-57 [Zbl 1272.05208]
Galeana-Sánchez, H.; Goldfeder, I. A., A classification of arc-locally semicomplete digraphs, 59-61 [Zbl 1272.05063]
Füredi, Zoltán; Özkahya, Lale, Unavoidable subhypergraphs: \(\mathbf a\)-clusters, 63-67 [Zbl 1272.05138]
Togni, Olivier, \(\ell \)-distant Hamiltonian walks in Cartesian product graphs, 69-73 [Zbl 1272.05106]
Allen, Peter; Böttcher, Julia; Hladký, Jan; Cooley, Oliver, Minimum degree conditions for large subgraphs, 75-79 [Zbl 1273.05112]
Asadi, Arash; Postle, Luke; Thomas, Robin, Sub-exponentially many 3-colorings of triangle-free planar graphs, 81-87 [Zbl 1272.05042]
Brandt, Stephan; Ribe-Baumann, Elizabeth, Graphs of odd girth 7 with large degree, 89-93 [Zbl 1272.05083]
Serra, Oriol; Zémor, Gilles, Cycle codes of graphs and MDS array codes, 95-99 [Zbl 1273.94411]
Dvořák, Zdeněk; Mohar, Bojan, Spectral radius of finite and infinite planar graphs and of graphs of bounded genus (extended abstract), 101-105 [Zbl 1273.05132]
Sonnerat, Nicolas; Vetta, Adrian, Defending planar graphs against star-cutsets, 107-111 [Zbl 1273.68412]
Chiba, Shuya; Fujita, Shinya; Kawarabayashi, Ken-Ichi; Sakuma, Tadashi, Disjoint even cycles packing, 113-119 [Zbl 1273.05169]
Chauve, Cedric; Maňuch, Ján; Patterson, Murray, On the gapped consecutive-ones property, 121-125 [Zbl 1273.05217]
Lozin, Vadim V., Parameterized complexity of the maximum independent set problem and the speed of hereditary properties, 127-131 [Zbl 1273.68183]
Montejano, Amanda; Serra, Oriol, Rainbow-free 3-colorings in abelian groups, 133-137 [Zbl 1273.05076]
Gonçalves, Daniel; Pinlou, Alexandre; Thomassé, Stéphan; Havet, Frédéric, Spanning galaxies in digraphs, 139-143 [Zbl 1273.05087]
Ota, Katsuhiro; Ozeki, Kenta, Spanning trees in 3-connected \(K_{3,t}\)-minor-free graphs, 145-149 [Zbl 1273.05042]
Garijo, D.; Garrido, M. A.; Grima, C. I.; Márquez, A.; Moreno-González, A.; Portillo, J. R.; Reyes, P.; Robles, R.; Valenzuela, J., Monochromatic geometric \(k\)-factors in red-blue sets with white and Steiner points, 151-155 [Zbl 1273.05171]
Aguiló-Gost, Francesc; García-Sánchez, Pedro A., Factorization and catenary degree in 3-generated numerical semigroups, 157-161 [Zbl 1273.05082]
Lo, Allan, Cliques in graphs with bounded minimum degree, 163-166 [Zbl 1273.05165]
Rué, Juanjo; Stavropoulos, Konstantinos S.; Thilikos, Dimitrios M., Outerplanar obstructions for the feedback vertex set, 167-171 [Zbl 1273.05213]
Grappe, Roland; Bernáth, Attila; Szigeti, Zoltán, Augmenting the edge-connectivity of a hypergraph by adding a multipartite graph, 173-177 [Zbl 1273.05156]
Bang-Jensen, Jørgen; Kriesell, Matthias, Disjoint sub(di)graphs in digraphs, 179-183 [Zbl 1273.05083]
Fujita, Shinya; Nakamigawa, Tomoki; Sakuma, Tadashi, Colored pebble motion on graphs (extended abstract), 185-189 [Zbl 1273.68275]
Häggkvist, Roland, Ear decompositions of a cubic bridgeless graph and near P4-decompositions of its deck, 191-198 [Zbl 1273.05174]
Hocquard, Hervé; Montassier, Mickaël, Acyclic choosability of planar graphs: a Steinberg like approach, 199-205 [Zbl 1273.05047]
Bentz, Cédric, New results on planar and directed multicuts, 207-211 [Zbl 1273.05215]
Esperet, Louis; Gonçalves, Daniel; Labourel, Arnaud, Coloring a set of touching strings, 213-217 [Zbl 1273.05066]
Hoppen, C.; Kohayakawa, Y.; Lefmann, H., Kneser colorings of uniform hypergraphs, 219-223 [Zbl 1273.05070]
Grannell, Mike J.; Griggs, Terry S.; Máčajová, Edita; Škoviera, Martin, Wilson-Schreiber colourings of cubic graphs, 225-229 [Zbl 1273.05068]
Garijo, Delia; Goodall, Andrew; Nešetřil, Jaroslav, Graph homomorphisms, the tutte polynomial and “\(q\)-state Potts uniqueness”, 231-236 [Zbl 1273.05097]
Máčajová, Edita; Škoviera, Martin, On a conjecture of Fan and Raspaud, 237-241 [Zbl 1273.05178]
Doerr, Benjamin; Friedrich, Tobias; Sauerwald, Thomas, Quasirandom rumor spreading on expanders, 243-247 [Zbl 1273.05200]
Giannopoulou, Archontia C.; Thilikos, Dimitrios M., Obstructions for tree-depth, 249-253 [Zbl 1273.05212]
Böttcher, Julia; Müller, Sybille, Forcing spanning subgraphs via Ore type conditions, 255-259 [Zbl 1273.05046]
Hefetz, Dan; Krivelevich, Michael; Stojaković, Miloš; Szabó, Tibor, Avoider-Enforcer: the rules of the game, 261-265 [Zbl 1273.05142]
Eggemann, Nicole; Noble, Steven D., Minimizing the oriented diameter of a planar graph, 267-271 [Zbl 1273.05052]
Fertin, Guillaume; Vialette, Stéphane, On the \(S\)-Labeling problem, 273-277 [Zbl 1273.05191]
Bruhn, Henning; Diestel, Reinhard; Georgakopoulos, Agelos; Sprüssel, Philipp, Every rayless graph has an unfriendly partition, 279-281 [Zbl 1273.05153]
Kim, Jang Soo, Bijections on two variations of noncrossing partitions, 283-288 [Zbl 1273.05010]
Blondin Massé, A.; Brlek, S.; Labbé, S.; Vuillon, L., Codings of rotations on two intervals are full, 289-293 [Zbl 1273.68290]
Dobrev, Stefan; Královič, Rastislav; Pardubská, Dana; Török, L’ubomír; Vrt’o, Imrich, Antibandwidth and cyclic antibandwidth of Hamming graphs, 295-300 [Zbl 1273.05190]
Kang, Ross; Manggala, Putra, On distance edge-colourings and matchings, 301-306 [Zbl 1273.05071]
Gioan, Emeric; Las Vergnas, Michel, A linear programming construction of fully optimal bases in graphs and hyperplane arrangements, 307-311 [Zbl 1273.05030]
Felsner, Stefan; Massow, Mareike, Linear extension diameter of downset lattices of 2-dimensional posets, 313-317 [Zbl 1273.05053]
Kaiser, Tomáš; Vrána, Petr, Hamilton cycles in 6-connected claw-free graphs (extended abstract), 319-322 [Zbl 1273.05130]
Füredi, Zoltán; Kantor, Ida, List colorings with distinct list sizes, the case of complete bipartite graphs, 323-327 [Zbl 1273.05192]
Bui-Xuan, B.-M.; Habib, M., Unifying the representation of symmetric crossing families and weakly partitive families, 329-333 [Zbl 1273.05233]
Doerr, Benjamin; Fouz, Mahmoud, A time-randomness tradeoff for quasi-random rumour spreading, 335-339 [Zbl 1273.05199]
Jajcay, Robert; Exoo, Geoffrey, Properties of groups for the cage and degree/diameter problems, 341-345 [Zbl 1273.05100]
Kühn, Daniela; Osthus, Deryk; Treglown, Andrew, Degree sequences forcing Hamilton cycles in directed graphs, 347-351 [Zbl 1273.05043]
Raj, S. Francis; Balakrishnan, R., Bounds for the \(b\)-chromatic number of vertex-deleted subgraphs and the extremal graphs, 353-358 [Zbl 1273.05078]
Győri, Ervin; Lemons, Nathan, Hypergraphs with no odd cycle of given length, 359-362 [Zbl 1273.05157]
Montejano, Amanda; Pinlou, Alexandre; Raspaud, André; Sopena, Éric, Chromatic number of sparse colored mixed planar graphs, 363-367 [Zbl 1273.05075]
Osthus, Deryk; Kelly, Luke; Kühn, Daniela, Short cycles in oriented graphs, 369-373 [Zbl 1273.05119]
Kotek, Tomer, On the reconstruction of graph invariants, 375-379 [Zbl 1273.05145]
Wu, Jiaojiao; Raspaud, Andre, Game chromatic number of toroidal grids, 381-385 [Zbl 1273.05080]
Rozovskaya, A. P.; Shabanov, D. A., On the problem of Erdős and Hajnal in the case of list colorings, 387-391 [Zbl 1273.05196]
Nešetřil, Jaroslav; De Mendez, Patrice Ossona, Counting homomorphisms to sparse graphs, 393-397 [Zbl 1273.05146]
Nigussie, Yared, Extended Gallai’s theorem, 399-403 [Zbl 1273.05077]
Chiniforooshan, Ehsan; Wu, Baoyindureng, Maximum values of Szeged index and edge-Szeged index of graphs, 405-409 [Zbl 1273.05113]
Esperet, Louis; Kardoš, František; Král’, Daniel, Cubic bridgeless graphs have more than a linear number of perfect matchings, 411-415 [Zbl 1273.05170]
Cohen, Nathann; Havet, Frédéric; Müller, Tobias, Acyclic edge-colouring of planar graphs (extended abstract), 417-421 [Zbl 1273.05062]
Hefetz, Dan; Alon, Noga; Krivelevich, Michael, Playing to retain the advantage, 423-427 [Zbl 1273.05141]
Disanto, Filippo; Rinaldi, Simone; Ferrari, Luca; Pinzani, Renzo, Combinatorial properties of Catalan pairs, 429-433 [Zbl 1273.05009]
Kupavskii, A. B.; Raigorodskii, A. M., On the chromatic numbers of small-dimensional Euclidean spaces, 435-439 [Zbl 1273.05073]
Raigorodskii, A. M.; Rubanov, O. I., Small clique and large chromatic number, 441-445 [Zbl 1273.05166]
Koshelev, V. A., On Erdős-Szekeres-type problems, 447-451 [Zbl 1273.52021]
Christofides, Demetres, Randomized algorithms for the majority problem, 453-457 [Zbl 1273.68402]
Barequet, Ronnie; Barequet, Gill; Rote, Günter, Formulae and growth rates of high-dimensional polycubes, 459-463 [Zbl 1273.05037]
Person, Yury; Schacht, Mathias, An expected polynomial time algorithm for coloring 2-colorable 3-graphs, 465-469 [Zbl 1273.05223]
Adiga, Abhijin; Chandran, L. Sunil, Cubicity of interval graphs and the claw number, 471-475 [Zbl 1273.05148]
Dorbec, P.; Gravier, S.; Honkala, I.; Mollard, M., Weighted perfect codes in Lee metric, 477-481 [Zbl 1273.05034]
Kempner, Yulia; Levit, Vadim E., Distributive lattice polyhedra, 483-487 [Zbl 1273.05031]
de Mier, Anna; Noy, Marc, On the maximum number of cycles in outerplanar and series-parallel graphs, 489-493 [Zbl 1273.05121]
Dellamonica, Domingos jun.; Rödl, Vojtěch, Hereditary quasi-random properties of hypergraphs, 495-499 [Zbl 1273.05198]
Stein, Maya; Bruhn, Henning, Characterising claw-free \(t\)-perfect graphs, 501-507 [Zbl 1273.05188]
Aichholzer, O.; Hackl, T.; Orden, D.; Ramos, P.; Rote, G.; Schulz, A.; Speckmann, B., Flip graphs of bounded-degree triangulations, 509-513 [Zbl 1273.05044]
Füredi, Zoltán; Özkahya, Lale, On even-cycle-free subgraphs of the hypercube, 515-517 [Zbl 1273.05183]
Vinh, Le Anh, On the distribution of permanents of matrices over finite fields, 519-523 [Zbl 1273.05035]
Král’, Daniel; Máčajová, Edita; Mazák, Ján; Sereni, Jean-Sébastien, Circular edge-colorings of cubic graphs with girth six, 525-529 [Zbl 1273.05072]
Brändén, Petter, Discrete concavity and zeros of polynomials, 531-535 [Zbl 1273.05021]
Montejano, Luis Pedro; Balbuena, Camino; García-Vázquez, Pedro, On the superconnectivity in graphs with odd girth \(g\) and even girth \(h\), 537-541 [Zbl 1273.05125]
Eisenbrand, Friedrich; Niemeier, Martin, Coloring fuzzy circular interval graphs, 543-548 [Zbl 1273.05065]
Diot, Emilie; Gavoille, Cyril, On the path separability of planar graphs, 549-552 [Zbl 1273.05122]
Huber, Anna; Fountoulakis, Nikolaos, Quasirandom broadcasting on the complete graph is as fast as randomized broadcasting, 553-559 [Zbl 1273.05204]
Habib, Michel; Stacho, Juraj, A decomposition theorem for chordal graphs and its applications, 561-565 [Zbl 1273.05173]
Cheong, Otfried; Goaoc, Xavier; Holmsen, Andreas, Lower bounds for pinning lines by balls (extended abstract), 567-571 [Zbl 1273.52011]
Füredi, Zoltán; Sali, Attila, Partition critical hypergraphs, 573-577 [Zbl 1273.05155]
Dalfó, C.; Fiol, M. A.; Garriga, E., On \(t\)-cliques in \(k\)-walk-regular graphs, 579-584 [Zbl 1273.05160]
Auger, David, Identifying codes in trees and planar graphs, 585-588 [Zbl 1273.05045]
Wolfovitz, Guy, 4-cycles at the triangle-free process, 589-592 [Zbl 1273.05208]
Dieng, Youssou; Gavoille, Cyril, On the tree-width of planar graphs, 593-596 [Zbl 1273.05038]
Böttcher, Julia; Hladký, Jan; Piguet, Diana, The tripartite Ramsey number for trees, 597-601 [Zbl 1273.05139]
Merino, Criel; Ibañez, Marcelino; Guadalupe Rodríguez, M., A note on some inequalities for the Tutte polynomial of a matroid, 603-607 [Zbl 1273.05032]
Cooley, Oliver; Hladký, Jan; Piguet, Diana, Loebl-Komlós-Sós conjecture: dense case, 609-613 [Zbl 1273.05126]
Spöhel, Reto; Steger, Angelika; Thomas, Henning, Coloring the edges of a random graph without a monochromatic giant component, 615-619 [Zbl 1273.05206]
Hladký, Jan; Král’, Daniel; Norin, Sergey, Counting flags in triangle-free digraphs, 621-625 [Zbl 1273.05107]
Gregor, Petr, Hypercube 1-factorizations from extended Hamming codes, 627-631 [Zbl 1273.05172]
Kamiński, Marcin; Medvedev, Paul; Milanič, Martin, On the plane-width of graphs, 633-637 [Zbl 1273.05054]
Fountoulakis, Nikolaos; Reed, Bruce, A general critical condition for the emergence of a giant component in random graphs with given degrees, 639-645 [Zbl 1273.05201]
Barbosa, Rommel M.; Dourado, Mitre C.; Martins, Erika M.; Szwarcfiter, Jayme L., The colorful Helly property for hypergraphs, 647-651 [Zbl 1273.05154]
Delorme, Charles; Flandrin, Evelyne; Lin, Yuqing; Miller, Mirka; Ryan, Joe, On extremal graphs with bounded girth, 653-657 [Zbl 1273.05114]
Chen, Min; Raspaud, André, Planar graphs without 4, 5 and 8-cycles are acyclically 4-choosable, 659-667 [Zbl 1273.05061]
Tong, Li-Da, Full orientability of graphs, 669-672 [Zbl 1273.05092]


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