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Nonmonotonic reasoning. Essays celebrating its 30th anniversary. Papers from the conference (NonMon30), Lexington, KY, USA, October 22–25, 2010. (English) Zbl 1253.68006
Studies in Logic (London) 31. London: College Publications (ISBN 978-1-84890-042-4/pbk). x, 360 p. (2011).

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Indexed articles:
Alviano, Mario; Calimeri, Francesco; Faber, Wolfgang; Ianni, Giovambattista; Leone, Nicola, Function symbols in ASP: overview and perspectives, 1-24 [Zbl 1259.68183]
Bochman, Alexander, Logic in nonmonotonic reasoning, 25-61 [Zbl 1259.68184]
Dao-Tran, Minh; Eiter, Thomas; Fink, Michael; Krennwallner, Thomas, Dynamic distributed nonmonotonic multi-context systems, 63-88 [Zbl 1259.68188]
Delgrande, James, What’s in a default? Thoughts on the nature and role of defaults in nonmonotonic reasoning, 89-109 [Zbl 1259.68185]
Denecker, Marc; Marek, Victor W.; Truszczynski, Mirosław, Reiter’s default logic is a logic of autoepistemic reasoning and a good one, too, 111-143 [Zbl 1259.68186]
Dubois, Didier; Prade, Henri, Non-monotonic reasoning and uncertainty theories, 145-180 [Zbl 1269.68092]
Gelfond, Michael, Personal perspective on the development of logic programming based KR languages, 181-200 [Zbl 1269.68093]
Kaminski, Michael, A unified approach to first-order non-monotonic logics, 201-232 [Zbl 1275.03111]
Marek, Victor W.; Niemelä, Ilkka; Truszczyński, Mirosław, Origins of answer-set programming – some background and two personal accounts, 233-258 [Zbl 1269.68094]
Marek, Victor W.; Remmel, Jeffrey B., Extensions of answer set programming, 259-294 [Zbl 1259.68025]
Minker, Jack, Reminiscences on the anniversary of 30 years of nonmonotonic reasoning, 295-333 [Zbl 1269.68095]
Pearce, David; Uridia, Levan, The Gödel and the splitting translations, 335-360 [Zbl 1275.03112]
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03B60 Other nonclassical logic
68N17 Logic programming
68T27 Logic in artificial intelligence
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