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Galileo and the Galilean school at the universities of the 17th century. Proceedings of the meeting, Bologna, Italy, October 28–30, 2010. (Galileo e la scuola galileiana nelle Università del Seicento.) (Italian, English, French) Zbl 1267.01002
Studi. Centro Interuniversitario per la Storia delle Università Italiane 14. Bologna: CLUEB (ISBN 978-88-491-3551-0/pbk). xii, 394 p. (2011).

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Indexed articles:
Giusti, Enrico, Galileo and the origins of research by the Galilean school, 7-22 [Zbl 1304.01015]
Dhombres, Jean, The reception of Galileo in France. The different roles of Peiresc and Mersenne relating to Gassendi, Descartes and Jacques Le Tenneur, 47-60 [Zbl 1312.01005]
Palmerino, Carla Rita, The diffusion of Galilean science in the Netherlands, 61-79 [Zbl 1304.01016]
Beretta, Marco, The works of Galileo in Scandinavian universities, 81-88 [Zbl 1302.01007]
Pepe, Luigi, James Gregory and the English mathematicians in Italy, 107-126 [Zbl 1300.01015]
Knobloch, Eberhard, Galileo and German thinkers: Leibniz, 127-139 [Zbl 1320.01009]
Lines, David A., The university of the artists in Bologna, 1586–1713, 141-153 [Zbl 1310.01003]
Fiocca, Alessandra, Galileans and Jesuits in Ferrara in the seventeenth century, 293-309 [Zbl 1302.01008]
Roero, Clara Silvia, Galileo and his school in Piedmont, 347-371 [Zbl 1300.01016]
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01A45 History of mathematics in the 17th century
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