A model for the operation of nitrous oxide monopropellant. (English) Zbl 1273.76432

Summary: A model for the simulation of nitrous oxide (N\(_2\)O) monopropellant thruster operation is presented. In the thruster a catalyst is employed for N\(_2\)O decomposition. The N\(_2\)O monopropellant operation has been simulated during a firing cycle including start-up, steady-state, and shutdown modes. A satisfactory match between experimental data and computational results is achieved during model validation which advocates that the assumptions made in the model are valid for representation of the processes and phenomena happening inside N2O monopropellant thruster during operation. The model is recommended for practical design problem solution. Further development of the existing model is expected to improve the accuracy of thruster performance prediction during transient operation regimes.


76V05 Reaction effects in flows
80A25 Combustion
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