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Fractal geometry and dynamical systems in pure and applied mathematics II: Fractals in applied mathematics. Selected papers based on three conferences following the passing of Benoît Mandelbrot in October 2010. 1st PISRS 2011 international conference on analysis, fractal geometry, dynamical systems and economics, Messina, Italy, November 8–12, 2011, AMS special session on fractal geometry in pure and applied mathematics, in memory of Benoît Mandelbrot, Boston, MA, USA, January 2012, AMS special session on geometry and analysis on fractal spaces, Honolulu, HI, USA, March 2012. (English) Zbl 1276.00023
Contemporary Mathematics 601. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS) (ISBN 978-0-8218-9148-3/pbk; 978-1-4704-1083-4/ebook). viii, 372 p. (2013).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For part I see [Zbl 1276.00022].
Indexed articles:
Akkermans, Eric, Statistical mechanics and quantum fields on fractals, 1-21 [Zbl 1321.81024]
Balan, Vladimir, Spectral algebra of the Chernov and Bogoslovsky Finsler metric tensors, 23-30 [Zbl 1321.53024]
Barral, Julien; Durand, Arnaud; Jaffard, Stéphane; Seuret, Stéphane, Local multifractal analysis, 31-64 [Zbl 1321.28013]
Calvet, Laurent E.; Fisher, Adlai J., Extreme risk and fractal regularity in finance, 65-94 [Zbl 1321.91119]
Carfì, David; Ricciardello, Angela, An algorithm for dynamical games with fractal-like trajectories, 95-112 [Zbl 1321.91009]
Filoche, Marcel; Mayboroda, Svitlana, The landscape of Anderson localization in a disordered medium, 113-121 [Zbl 1321.35115]
Guido, Daniele; Isola, Tommaso, Zeta functions for infinite graphs and functional equations, 123-146 [Zbl 1321.05110]
Hinz, Michael; Teplyaev, Alexander, Vector analysis on fractals and applications, 147-163 [Zbl 1321.28003]
Kajino, Naotaka, Non-regularly varying and non-periodic oscillation of the on-diagonal heat kernels on self-similar fractals, 165-194 [Zbl 1325.28009]
Kennedy, Tom; Lawler, Gregory F., Lattice effects in the scaling limit of the two-dimensional self-avoiding walk, 195-210 [Zbl 1321.82023]
Kesler, Robert; Steinhurst, Benjamin, The Casimir effect on Laakso spaces, 211-225 [Zbl 1321.81026]
Lal, Nishu; Lapidus, Michel L., The decimation method for Laplacians on fractals: spectra and complex dynamics, 227-249 [Zbl 1321.58014]
Lapidus, Michel L.; Niemeyer, Robert G., The current state of fractal billiards, 251-288 [Zbl 1321.37028]
Lévy-Leduc, Céline; Taqqu, Murad S., Long-range dependence and the rank of decompositions, 289-305 [Zbl 1321.60074]
Li, Bing; Shieh, Narn-Rueih; Xiao, Yimin, Hitting probabilities of the random covering sets, 307-323 [Zbl 1321.60015]
Naito, Yūki; Pašić, Mervan; Tanaka, Satoshi; Žubrinić, Darko, Fractal oscillations near the domain boundary of radially symmetric solutions of \(p\)-Laplace equations, 325-343 [Zbl 1321.35069]
Quinn, John R., Applications of the contraction mapping principle, 345-358 [Zbl 1325.28011]
Schilirò, Daniele, Economics and psychology, perfect rationality versus bounded rationality, 359-372 [Zbl 1321.91011]

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28A80 Fractals
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58-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to global analysis
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Mandelbrot, Benoît
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