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Coordination control of distributed systems. (English) Zbl 1310.93004
Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 456. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-10406-5/pbk; 978-3-319-10407-2/ebook). xix, 398 p. (2015).

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Indexed articles:
Lobo Pereira, Fernando; Borges de Sousa, J.; Gomes, R.; Calado, P., A model predictive control approach to AUVs motion coordination, 9-18 [Zbl 1403.93018]
Estrela da Silva, Jorge; Borges de Sousa, João; Lobo Pereira, Fernando, Dynamic optimization techniques for the motion coordination of autonomous vehicles, 19-26 [Zbl 1403.93013]
Boel, René; Marinică, Nicolae, Leader-follower coordination control for urban traffic, 35-44 [Zbl 1403.93005]
Kempker, Pia L., Introduction to coordinated linear systems, 107-111 [Zbl 1403.93006]
Ran, André C. M.; van Schuppen, Jan H., Coordinated linear systems, 113-121 [Zbl 1403.93008]
Kempker, Pia L., LQ optimal control for coordinated linear systems, 123-128 [Zbl 1404.49022]
Komenda, Jan; Masopust, Tomáš, Supervisory control of discrete-event systems, 129-136 [Zbl 1403.93127]
Komenda, Jan; Masopust, Tomáš, Coordination control of distributed discrete-event systems, 137-144 [Zbl 1403.93128]
van Schuppen, Jan H., What is team theory?, 147-154 [Zbl 1407.90213]
Charalambous, C. D.; Ahmed, N. U., Team theory and information structures of stochastic dynamic decentralized decision, 155-163 [Zbl 1407.90198]
Uribe, César A.; van Schuppen, Jan H., Signaling of information, 165-172 [Zbl 1403.93025]
Starkov, Konstantin K.; Pogromsky, Alexander Y.; Rooda, Jacobus E., Distributed control of manufacturing networks: analysis of performance, 173-180 [Zbl 1403.93023]
van Schuppen, Jan H., What Is distributed control with direct communication between controllers?, 183-190 [Zbl 1403.93027]
Pogromsky, A. Yu.; Matveev, A. S., Communication constraints in control and observation of distributed systems, 191-196 [Zbl 1403.93031]
van Schuppen, Jan H., Information structures, 197-204 [Zbl 1403.93028]
van Schuppen, Jan H., Control theory with information structures, 205-213 [Zbl 1403.93004]
van Schuppen, Jan H., Common, correlated, and private information in control of decentralized systems, 215-222 [Zbl 1403.93029]
Ran, André C. M.; van Schuppen, Jan H., Distributed state estimation with communication of observations, 223-228 [Zbl 1403.93180]
Katsaros, Dimitrios, Layered backpressure scheduling for delay-aware routing in ad hoc networks, 251-258 [Zbl 1404.90070]
Muradore, Riccardo; Quaglia, Davide; Fiorini, Paolo, Model predictive controllers over differentiated services packet networks, 273-281 [Zbl 1403.93090]
Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Kourtellaris, Christos K.; Stavrou, Photios A., On Shannon’s duality of a source and a channel and nonanticipative communication and communication for control, 291-305 [Zbl 1404.94029]
Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Stavrou, Photios A.; Kourtellaris, Christos K., Directed information on abstract spaces: properties and extremum problems, 307-315 [Zbl 1404.94002]
Stavrou, Photios A.; Kourtellaris, Christos K.; Charalambous, Charalambos D., Information nonanticipative rate distortion function and its applications, 317-324 [Zbl 1404.94008]
Kourtellaris, Christos K.; Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Stavrou, Photios A., Nonanticipative duality of sources and channels with memory and feedback, 325-335 [Zbl 1404.94030]
Bresolin, Davide; Geretti, Luca; Villa, Tiziano; Collins, Pieter, An introduction to the verification of hybrid systems using Ariadne, 339-346 [Zbl 1403.93108]
Bresolin, Davide; Geretti, Luca; Muradore, Riccardo; Fiorini, Paolo; Villa, Tiziano, Formal verification applied to robotic surgery, 347-355 [Zbl 1403.93140]
Gonzalez, Sanja Živanović; Collins, Pieter, Computing reachable sets of differential inclusions, 357-365 [Zbl 1403.93039]
Capiluppi, Marta; Segala, Roberto, Modeling objects moving in a complex environment with world automata, 367-374 [Zbl 1403.93033]
Hadjicostis, Christoforos N.; Domínguez-García, Alejandro D., Distributed average consensus in digraphs, 375-382 [Zbl 1403.93015]

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