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Progress in cryptology – LATINCRYPT 2014. Third international conference on cryptology and information security in Latin America, Florianópolis, Brazil, September 17–19, 2014. Revised selected papers. (English) Zbl 1319.94001
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8895. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-16294-2/pbk; 978-3-319-16295-9/ebook). xii, 387 p. (2015).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1246.94009].
Indexed articles:
Lauter, Kristin; López-Alt, Adriana; Naehrig, Michael, Private computation on encrypted genomic data, 3-27 [Zbl 1378.94053]
Hinterwälder, Gesine; Moradi, Amir; Hutter, Michael; Schwabe, Peter; Paar, Christof, Full-size high-security ECC implementation on MSP430 microcontrollers, 31-47 [Zbl 1378.94049]
Geihs, Matthias; Cabarcas, Daniel, Efficient integer encoding for homomorphic encryption via ring isomorphisms, 48-63 [Zbl 1378.94045]
Bernstein, Daniel J.; van Gastel, Bernard; Janssen, Wesley; Lange, Tanja; Schwabe, Peter; Smetsers, Sjaak, TweetNaCl: a crypto library in 100 tweets, 64-83 [Zbl 1378.94025]
Dagdelen, Özgür; El Bansarkhani, Rachid; Göpfert, Florian; Güneysu, Tim; Oder, Tobias; Pöppelmann, Thomas; Sánchez, Ana Helena; Schwabe, Peter, High-speed signatures from standard lattices, 84-103 [Zbl 1378.94034]
Buhrow, Benjamin; Riemer, Paul; Shea, Mike; Gilbert, Barry; Daniel, Erik, Block cipher speed and energy efficiency records on the MSP430: system design trade-offs for 16-bit embedded applications, 104-123 [Zbl 1378.94027]
De Santis, Fabrizio; Rass, Stefan, On efficient leakage-resilient pseudorandom functions with hard-to-invert leakages, 127-145 [Zbl 1378.94037]
Nakamura, Dionathan; Terada, Routo, RSA and elliptic curve least significant bit security, 146-161 [Zbl 1378.94059]
Fouquet, Mireille; Miret, Josep M.; Valera, Javier, Isogeny volcanoes of elliptic curves and Sylow subgroups, 162-175 [Zbl 1378.94042]
García, Pablo; van de Graaf, Jeroen; Hevia, Alejandro; Viola, Alfredo, Beating the birthday paradox in dining cryptographer networks, 179-198 [Zbl 1378.94044]
Fontaine, Caroline; Gambs, Sébastien; Lolive, Julien; Onete, Cristina, Private asymmetric fingerprinting: a protocol with optimal traitor tracing using Tardos codes, 199-218 [Zbl 1378.94041]
Alwen, Joël; Hirt, Martin; Maurer, Ueli; Patra, Arpita; Raykov, Pavel, Anonymous authentication with shared secrets, 219-236 [Zbl 1378.94018]
Chenal, Massimo; Tang, Qiang, On key recovery attacks against existing somewhat homomorphic encryption schemes, 239-258 [Zbl 1370.94495]
Kölbl, Stefan; Rechberger, Christian, Practical attacks on AES-like cryptographic hash functions, 259-273 [Zbl 1370.94520]
Bogdanov, Andrey; Dobraunig, Christoph; Eichlseder, Maria; Lauridsen, Martin M.; Mendel, Florian; Schläffer, Martin; Tischhauser, Elmar, Key recovery attacks on recent authenticated ciphers, 274-287 [Zbl 1370.94490]
Fitzpatrick, Robert; Bischof, Christian; Buchmann, Johannes; Dagdelen, Özgür; Göpfert, Florian; Mariano, Artur; Yang, Bo-Yin, Tuning GaussSieve for speed, 288-305 [Zbl 1370.94512]
Aumasson, Jean-Philippe; Jovanovic, Philipp; Neves, Samuel, Analysis of NORX: investigating differential and rotational properties, 306-324 [Zbl 1370.94482]
Ghadafi, Essam, Efficient distributed tag-based encryption and its application to group signatures with efficient distributed traceability, 327-347 [Zbl 1370.94515]
Saraswat, Vishal; Pandey, Sumit Kumar, How to leak a secret and reap the rewards too, 348-367 [Zbl 1370.94565]
Larraia, Enrique, Extending oblivious transfer efficiently or – how to get active security with constant cryptographic overhead, 368-386 [Zbl 1370.94524]

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