Singularities in geometry and topology 2011. Proceedings of the 6th Franco-Japanese symposium on singularities, Fukuoka, Japan, September 5–10, 2011. (English) Zbl 1320.14001

Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics 66. Tokyo: Mathematical Society of Japan (MSJ) (ISBN 978-4-86497-026-6/hbk). vii, 282 p. (2015).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding symposium see [Zbl 1255.14001].
Indexed articles:
Gonzalez-Dorrego, Maria del Rosario, Smooth double subvarieties on singular varieties. II, 1-11 [Zbl 1360.14012]
Yamamoto, Takahiro, Survey of apparent contours of stable maps between surfaces, 13-29 [Zbl 1360.57037]
Beddani, Charef, Divisor valuations and connectedness in codimension 1, 31-45 [Zbl 1360.13010]
Degtyarev, Alex, The Alexander module of a trigonal curve. II, 47-69 [Zbl 1360.14086]
Dimca, Alexandru, Monodromy of triple point line arrangements, 71-80 [Zbl 1360.32022]
Inaba, Kazumasa, On fibered links of singularities of polar weighted homogeneous mixed polynomials, 81-92 [Zbl 1360.32027]
Ishida, Hirotaka, On classes in the classification of curves on rational surfaces with respect to logarithmic plurigenera, 93-110 [Zbl 1360.14039]
Katanaga, Atsuko, The links specific to hypersurface simple \(K3\) singularities, 111-121 [Zbl 1360.32025]
Kawashima, Masayuki, On \((4,3)\) line degenerated torus curves and torus decompositions, 123-142 [Zbl 1360.14084]
Nabeshima, Katsusuke; Tajima, Shinichi, On the computation of algebraic local cohomology classes associated with semi-quasihomogeneous singularities, 143-159 [Zbl 1360.13045]
Nguyen, Viet Khac, Some geometric-arithmetic aspects of separated variable curves, 161-172 [Zbl 1360.11076]
Oka, Mutsuo, Mixed functions of strongly polar weighted homogeneous face type, 173-202 [Zbl 1360.32028]
Okuda, Takayuki, Singular fibers in barking families of degenerations of elliptic curves, 203-256 [Zbl 1360.14032]
Takahashi, Atsushi, Mirror symmetry between orbifold projective lines and cusp singularities, 257-282 [Zbl 1360.53088]


14-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to algebraic geometry
32-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to several complex variables and analytic spaces
14B05 Singularities in algebraic geometry
14E15 Global theory and resolution of singularities (algebro-geometric aspects)
14D06 Fibrations, degenerations in algebraic geometry
14H45 Special algebraic curves and curves of low genus
14J17 Singularities of surfaces or higher-dimensional varieties
32S25 Complex surface and hypersurface singularities
32S30 Deformations of complex singularities; vanishing cycles
32S55 Milnor fibration; relations with knot theory
57R45 Singularities of differentiable mappings in differential topology
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest


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