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Verification, model checking, and abstract interpretation. 17th international conference, VMCAI 2016, St. Petersburg, FL, USA, January 17–19, 2016. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1329.68030
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9583. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-662-49121-8/pbk; 978-3-662-49122-5/ebook). xiii, 558 p. (2016).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1303.68013].
Indexed articles:
Reps, Thomas; Thakur, Aditya, Automating abstract interpretation, 3-40 [Zbl 06559850]
Müller, Peter; Schwerhoff, Malte; Summers, Alexander J., Viper: a verification infrastructure for permission-based reasoning, 41-62 [Zbl 06559851]
Bakst, Alexander; Jhala, Ranjit, Predicate abstraction for linked data structures, 65-84 [Zbl 06559852]
Gange, Graeme; Navas, Jorge A.; Schachte, Peter; Søndergaard, Harald; Stuckey, Peter J., An abstract domain of uninterpreted functions, 85-103 [Zbl 06559853]
Rinetzky, Noam; Shoham, Sharon, Property directed abstract interpretation, 104-123 [Zbl 06559854]
Karpenkov, Egor George; Monniaux, David; Wendler, Philipp, Program analysis with local policy iteration, 127-146 [Zbl 06559855]
Ganjei, Zeinab; Rezine, Ahmed; Eles, Petru; Peng, Zebo, Lazy constrained monotonic abstraction, 147-165 [Zbl 06559856]
Maréchal, Alexandre; Fouilhé, Alexis; King, Tim; Monniaux, David; Périn, Michael, Polyhedral approximation of multivariate polynomials using handelman’s theorem, 166-184 [Zbl 06559857]
Peleg, Hila; Shoham, Sharon; Yahav, Eran, \(D^3\): data-driven disjunctive abstraction, 185-205 [Zbl 06559858]
Hillery, Benjamin; Mercer, Eric; Rungta, Neha; Person, Suzette, Exact heap summaries for symbolic execution, 206-225 [Zbl 06559859]
Kido, Kengo; Chaudhuri, Swarat; Hasuo, Ichiro, Abstract interpretation with infinitesimals. Towards scalability in nonstandard static analysis, 229-249 [Zbl 06559860]
Henzinger, Thomas A.; Otop, Jan; Samanta, Roopsha, Lipschitz robustness of timed I/O systems, 250-267 [Zbl 06559861]
Sogokon, Andrew; Ghorbal, Khalil; Jackson, Paul B.; Platzer, André, A method for invariant generation for polynomial continuous systems, 268-288 [Zbl 06559862]
Parízek, Pavel, Hybrid analysis for partial order reduction of programs with arrays, 291-310 [Zbl 06559863]
Holzmann, Gerard J., Cloud-based verification of concurrent software, 311-327 [Zbl 06559864]
Daca, Przemysław; Gupta, Ashutosh; Henzinger, Thomas A., Abstraction-driven concolic testing, 328-347 [Zbl 06559865]
Hashemi, Vahid; Hermanns, Holger; Song, Lei, Reward-bounded reachability probability for uncertain weighted mdps, 351-371 [Zbl 06559866]
Delahaye, Benoît; Lime, Didier; Petrucci, Laure, Parameter synthesis for parametric interval Markov chains, 372-390 [Zbl 06559867]
Haziza, Frédéric; Holík, Lukáš; Meyer, Roland; Wolff, Sebastian, Pointer race freedom, 393-412 [Zbl 06559868]
Doko, Marko; Vafeiadis, Viktor, A program logic for C11 memory fences, 413-430 [Zbl 06559869]
Dudka, Kamil; Holík, Lukáš; Peringer, Petr; Trtík, Marek; Vojnar, Tomáš, From low-level pointers to high-level containers, 431-452 [Zbl 06559870]
Lin, Anthony W.; Nguyen, Truong Khanh; Rümmer, Philipp; Sun, Jun, Regular symmetry patterns, 455-475 [Zbl 06559871]
Außerlechner, Simon; Jacobs, Swen; Khalimov, Ayrat, Tight cutoffs for guarded protocols with fairness, 476-494 [Zbl 06559872]
De Crescenzo, Ilaria; La Torre, Salvatore, A general modular synthesis problem for pushdown systems, 495-513 [Zbl 06559873]
Chaki, Sagar; Karimi, Derrick, Model checking with multi-threaded IC3 portfolios, 517-535 [Zbl 06559874]
Brain, Martin; Hadarean, Liana; Kroening, Daniel; Martins, Ruben, Automatic generation of propagation complete SAT encodings, 536-556 [Zbl 06559875]

68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68Q60 Specification and verification (program logics, model checking, etc.)
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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