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Mathematical software – ICMS 2016. 5th international conference, Berlin, Germany, July 11–14, 2016. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1342.68017
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9725. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-42431-6/pbk; 978-3-319-42432-3/ebook). xxiv, 532 p. (2016).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding congress see [Zbl 1293.65003].
Indexed articles:
Ahrens, Benedikt; Mörtberg, Anders, Some wellfounded trees in UniMath (extended abstract), 9-17 [Zbl 1434.03023]
Rahli, Vincent, Exercising Nuprl’s open-endedness, 18-27 [Zbl 1434.68644]
von Raumer, Jakob, Formalizing double groupoids and cross modules in the Lean theorem prover, 28-33 [Zbl 1434.68647]
Abánades, Miguel; Botana, Francisco; Kovács, Zoltán; Recio, Tomás; Sólyom-Gecse, Csilla, Towards the automatic discovery of theorems in GeoGebra, 37-42 [Zbl 1434.68636]
Benzmüller, Christoph; Scott, Dana, Automating free logic in Isabelle/HOL, 43-50 [Zbl 1434.68638]
Fish, Andrew; Lisitsa, Alexei; Stanovský, David; Swartwood, Sarah, Efficient knot discrimination via quandle coloring with SAT and #-SAT, 51-58 [Zbl 1354.68278]
Maletzky, Alexander, Interactive proving, higher-order rewriting, and theory analysis in Theorema 2.0, 59-66 [Zbl 1434.68641]
Padmanabhan, Ranganathan; Zhang, Yang, Automated deduction in ring theory, 67-74 [Zbl 1434.68642]
Steen, Alexander; Wisniewski, Max; Benzmüller, Christoph, Agent-based HOL reasoning, 75-81 [Zbl 1434.68646]
Böhm, Janko; Decker, Wolfram; Fieker, Claus; Laplagne, Santiago; Pfister, Gerhard, Bad primes in computational algebraic geometry, 93-101 [Zbl 1437.14059]
Bruns, Winfried; Sieg, Richard; Söger, Christof, The subdivision of large simplicial cones in Normaliz, 102-109 [Zbl 1434.52001]
Schönemann, Hans, Extending Singular with new types and algorithms, 110-113 [Zbl 1434.68713]
Böhm, Janko; Marais, Magdaleen S.; van der Merwe, André F., 3D printing dimensional calibration shape: Clebsch cubic, 117-126 [Zbl 1434.68624]
Brake, Daniel A.; Hauenstein, Jonathan D.; Liddell, Alan C. jun., Decomposing solution sets of polynomial systems using derivatives, 127-135 [Zbl 1434.14022]
Evain, Laurent, Calibration of accelerometers and the geometry of quadrics, 136-141 [Zbl 1434.68582]
Kahle, Thomas, On the feasibility of semi-algebraic sets in Poisson regression, 142-147 [Zbl 1439.62255]
Mohammadi, Fatemeh, Combinatorial and geometric view of the system reliability theory, 148-153 [Zbl 1437.90068]
Davenport, James H.; England, Matthew, Need polynomial systems be doubly-exponential?, 157-164 [Zbl 1434.68702]
Fukasaku, Ryoya; Iwane, Hidenao; Sato, Yosuke, On the implementation of CGS real QE, 165-172 [Zbl 1434.68705]
Kredel, Heinz, Common divisors of solvable polynomials in JAS, 173-180 [Zbl 1434.68709]
Liu, Yinping; Yao, Ruoxia; Li, Zhibin; Yang, Le; Zhang, Zhian, An online computing and knowledge platform for differential equations, 181-188 [Zbl 1434.68710]
Marco-Buzunariz, Miguel Ángel; Rodríguez, Marcos, SIROCCO: a library for certified polynomial root continuation, 191-197 [Zbl 1437.14010]
Jensen, Anders Nedergaard, An implementation of exact mixed volume computation, 198-205 [Zbl 1437.14009]
Schönemann, Hans, Primary decomposition in Singular, 206-211 [Zbl 1434.68714]
Trébuchet, Philippe; Mourrain, Bernard; Bucero, Marta Abril, Border basis for polynomial system solving and optimization, 212-220 [Zbl 1434.68717]
Breust, Alexis; Chabot, Christophe; Dumas, Jean-Guillaume; Fousse, Laurent; Giorgi, Pascal, Recursive double-size fixed precision arithmetic, 223-231 [Zbl 1434.65323]
Joldes, Mioara; Muller, Jean-Michel; Popescu, Valentina; Tucker, Warwick, CAMPARY: CUDA multiple precision arithmetic library and applications, 232-240 [Zbl 1435.65012]
Navas-Palencia, Guillermo; Arratia, Argimiro, On the computation of confluent hypergeometric functions for large imaginary part of parameters \(b\) and \(z\), 241-248 [Zbl 1437.33006]
Berthold, Timo; Farmer, James; Heinz, Stefan; Perregaard, Michael, Parallelization of the FICO Xpress-Optimizer, 251-258 [Zbl 1434.90003]
Borndörfer, Ralf; Schenker, Sebastian; Skutella, Martin; Strunk, Timo, PolySCIP, 259-264 [Zbl 1434.90004]
Hasan, Mahmudul; Hossain, Shahadat; Khan, Ahamad Imtiaz; Mithila, Nasrin Hakim; Suny, Ashraful Huq, DSJM: a software toolkit for direct determination of sparse Jacobian matrices, 275-283 [Zbl 1435.65043]
Hong, Chun Yu; Köppe, Matthias; Zhou, Yuan, Software for cut-generating functions in the Gomory-Johnson model and beyond, 284-291 [Zbl 1434.68706]
Kimura, Keiji; Waki, Hayato, Mixed integer nonlinear program for minimization of Akaike’s information criterion, 292-300 [Zbl 1439.62052]
Maher, Stephen; Miltenberger, Matthias; Pedroso, João Pedro; Rehfeldt, Daniel; Schwarz, Robert; Serrano, Felipe, PySCIPOpt: mathematical programming in Python with the SCIP optimization suite, 301-307 [Zbl 1434.90005]
Shinano, Yuji; Berthold, Timo; Heinz, Stefan, A first implementation of ParaXpress: combining internal and external parallelization to solve MIPs on supercomputers, 308-316 [Zbl 1434.90006]
von Gagern, Martin; Kortenkamp, Ulrich; Richter-Gebert, Jürgen; Strobel, Michael, CindyJS – mathematical visualization on modern devices, 319-326 [Zbl 1434.68621]
von Gagern, Martin; Richter-Gebert, Jürgen, CindyJS plugins – extending the mathematical visualization framework, 327-334 [Zbl 1434.68622]
Hamaguchi, Naoki; Takato, Setsuo, Generating data for 3D models, 335-341 [Zbl 1434.68605]
Kaneko, Masataka, The actual use of KeTCindy in education, 342-350 [Zbl 1434.68607]
Kobayashi, Shigeki; Takato, Setsuo, Cooperation of KeTCindy and computer algebra system, 351-358 [Zbl 1434.68609]
Montag, Aaron; Richter-Gebert, Jürgen, CindyGL: authoring GPU-based interactive mathematical content, 359-365 [Zbl 1434.68612]
Sarafian, Haiduke, Theoretical physics, applied mathematics and visualizations, 366-370 [Zbl 1435.65235]
Takato, Setsuo, What is and how to use KeTCindy – linkage between dynamic geometry software and LaTeX graphics capabilities, 371-379 [Zbl 1434.68617]
Usui, Hisashi, How to generate figures at the preferred position of a TeX document, 380-385 [Zbl 1434.68619]
Yamashita, Satoshi, The programming style for drawings from KeTpic to KeTCindy, 386-393 [Zbl 1434.68623]
Chrapary, Hagen; Ren, Yue, The software portal swMATH: a state of the art report and next steps, 397-402 [Zbl 1434.68654]
Gawrilow, Ewgenij; Hampe, Simon; Joswig, Michael, The polymake XML file format, 403-410 [Zbl 1434.68648]
Gräbe, Hans-Gert, Semantic-aware fingerprints of symbolic research data, 411-418 [Zbl 1434.68655]
Holzmann, Helge; Runnwerth, Mila; Sperber, Wolfram, Linking mathematical software in web archives, 419-422 [Zbl 1434.68658]
Koprucki, Thomas; Tabelow, Karsten, Mathematical models: a research data category?, 423-428 [Zbl 1434.68650]
Sperber, Wolfram, Mathematical research data and information services, 429-433 [Zbl 1434.68663]
Buchberger, Bruno, Stam’s identities collection: a case study for math knowledge bases, 437-442 [Zbl 1434.68651]
Buchberger, Bruno, The GDML and EuKIM projects: short report on the initiative, 443-446 [Zbl 1434.68652]
Chebukov, Dmitry; Izaak, Alexander; Misyurina, Olga; Pupyrev, Yuri, Math-Net.Ru video library: creating a collection of scientific talks, 447-450 [Zbl 1434.68653]
Ginev, Deyan; Iancu, Mihnea; Jucovshi, Constantin; Kohlhase, Andrea; Kohlhase, Michael; Oripov, Akbar; Schefter, Jürgen; Sperber, Wolfram; Teschke, Olaf; Wiesing, Tom, The SMGloM project and system: towards a terminology and ontology for mathematics, 451-457 [Zbl 1434.68649]
Ion, Patrick, The effort to realize a global digital mathematics library, 458-466 [Zbl 1434.68659]
Luzhnica, Enxhell; Kohlhase, Michael, Formula semantification and automated relation finding in the On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, 467-475 [Zbl 1434.68661]
Runnwerth, Mila, Mathematical videos and affiliated supplementaries in TIB’s AV portal, 476-481 [Zbl 1434.68662]
Davenport, James H., Complexity of integration, special values, and recent developments, 485-491 [Zbl 1434.68700]
Di Puglia Pugliese, Luigi; Gaudioso, Manlio; Guerriero, Francesca; Miglionico, Giovanna, An algorithm to find the link constrained Steiner tree in undirected graphs, 492-497 [Zbl 1434.68356]
Evain, Laurent, The Pycao software for 3D-modelling, 498-504 [Zbl 1434.68602]
Hossein Poor, Jamal; Raab, Clemens G.; Regensburger, Georg, Normal forms for operators via Gröbner bases in tensor algebras, 505-513 [Zbl 1434.68707]
Lee, Mokwon; Sugihara, Kokichi; Kim, Deok-Soo, Robust construction of the additively-weighted Voronoi diagram via topology-oriented incremental algorithm, 514-521 [Zbl 1434.68611]
van der Hoeven, Joris, Mathematical font art, 522-529 [Zbl 1434.68634]

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65-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to numerical analysis
65Yxx Computer aspects of numerical algorithms
68T15 Theorem proving (deduction, resolution, etc.) (MSC2010)
68U35 Computing methodologies for information systems (hypertext navigation, interfaces, decision support, etc.)
68W30 Symbolic computation and algebraic computation
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