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Readings in formal epistemology. Sourcebook. Edited with the assistance of Henrik Boensvang and Rasmus K. Rendsvig. (English) Zbl 1348.03005
Springer Graduate Texts in Philosophy 1. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-20450-5/hbk; 978-3-319-20451-2/ebook). xxiii, 937 p. (2016).

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Indexed articles:
Helzner, Jeffrey; Hendricks, Vincent F., Agency and interaction what we are and what we do in formal epistemology, 1-11 [Zbl 1396.03018]
Ramsey, Frank P., Truth and probability, 21-45 [Zbl 1384.03066]
Jeffrey, Richard C., Probable knowledge, 47-65 [Zbl 1384.03103]
van Fraassen, Bas C., Fine-grained opinion, probability, and the logic of full belief, 67-89 [Zbl 1384.03111]
Gaifman, Haim, A theory of higher order probabilities, 91-106 [Zbl 1384.03113]
Levi, Isaac, On indeterminate probabilities, 107-129 [Zbl 1384.03114]
Glymour, Clark, Why I am not a Bayesian, 131-151 [Zbl 1384.03031]
Skyrms, Brian, Discussion: a mistake in dynamic coherence arguments?, 153-161 [Zbl 1386.03013]
Arntzenius, Frank, Some problems for conditionalization and reflection, 163-176 [Zbl 1384.03013]
Schervish, Mark J.; Seidenfeld, Teddy; Kadane, Joseph B., Stopping to reflect, 177-185 [Zbl 1384.03115]
Alchourrón, Carlos E.; Gärdenfors, Peter; Makinson, David, On the logic of theory change: partial meet contraction and revision functions, 195-217 [Zbl 1384.03095]
Hansson, Sven Ove, Theory contraction and base contraction unified, 219-245 [Zbl 1384.03101]
Levi, Isaac, How infallible but corrigible full belief is possible, 247-267 [Zbl 1384.03104]
Rott, Hans, Belief contraction in the context of the general theory of rational choice, 269-302 [Zbl 1384.03107]
Spohn, Wolfgang, A survey of ranking theory, 303-347 [Zbl 1384.03108]
Savage, Leonard, Allais’s paradox, 357-360 [Zbl 1384.03088]
Seidenfeld, Teddy, Decision theory without “independence” or without “ordering”. What is the difference?, 361-384 [Zbl 1384.03089]
Gilboa, Itzhak; Marinacci, Massimo, Ambiguity and the Bayesian paradigm, 385-439 [Zbl 1384.03081]
Schervish, Mark J.; Seidenfeld, Teddy; Kadane, Joseph B., State-dependent utilities, 441-455 [Zbl 1384.03116]
Joyce, James M.; Gibbard, Allan, Causal decision theory, 457-491 [Zbl 1384.03083]
Tversky, Amos; Kahneman, Daniel, Advances in prospect theory: cumulative representation of uncertainty, 493-519 [Zbl 1384.03091]
Hintikka, Jaakko, Epistemology without knowledge and without belief, 527-551 [Zbl 1384.03102]
Dretske, Fred I., Epistemic operators, 553-566 [Zbl 1384.03100]
Lewis, David, Elusive knowledge, 567-586 [Zbl 1384.03050]
Nozick, Robert, Knowledge and scepticism, 587-603 [Zbl 1384.03105]
Stalnaker, Robert, On logics of knowledge and belief, 605-626 [Zbl 1384.03109]
Parikh, Rohit, Sentences, belief and logical omniscience, or what does deduction tell us?, 627-647 [Zbl 1384.03106]
Artemov, Sergei, The logic of justification, 649-693 [Zbl 1384.03096]
Kelly, Kevin T., Learning theory and epistemology, 695-716 [Zbl 1384.03084]
Williamson, Timothy, Some computational constraints in epistemic logic, 717-734 [Zbl 1384.03092]
Lewis, David, Convention (an excerpt on coordination and higher-order expectations), 741-757 [Zbl 1384.03051]
Barwise, Jon, Three views of common knowledge, 759-772 [Zbl 1384.03015]
Baltag, Alexandru; Moss, Lawrence S.; Solecki, Sławomir, The logic of public announcements, common knowledge, and private suspicions, 773-812 [Zbl 1386.03019]
Baltag, Alexandru; Smets, Sonja, A qualitative theory of dynamic interactive belief revision, 813-858 [Zbl 1384.03099]
Aumann, Robert J., Agreeing to disagree, 859-862 [Zbl 1384.03097]
Aumann, Robert J.; Brandenburger, Adam, Epistemic conditions for Nash equilibrium, 863-894 [Zbl 1384.03098]
Stalnaker, Robert, Knowledge, belief and counterfactual reasoning in games, 895-922 [Zbl 1384.03110]
Halpern, Joseph Y., Substantive rationality and backward induction, 923-932 [Zbl 1386.03031]
03-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to mathematical logic and foundations
03A10 Logic in the philosophy of science
03B42 Logics of knowledge and belief (including belief change)
00B15 Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific interest
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