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Trends in differential equations and applications. Selected papers based on the presentations at the XXIVth congress on differential equations and applications/XIVth congress on applied mathematics, Cádiz, Spain, June 8–12, 2015. (English) Zbl 1350.35002
SEMA SIMAI Springer Series 8. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-32012-0/hbk; 978-3-319-32013-7/ebook). ix, 451 p. (2016).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding congress see [Zbl 1301.00067].
Indexed articles:
Castro, M. J.; Gallardo, J. M.; Marquina, A., Approximate Osher-Solomon schemes for hyperbolic systems, 1-16 [Zbl 1402.35019]
Maicas, G.; Muñoz, A. I.; Galiano, G.; Ben Hamza, A.; Schiavi, E., Spectral shape analysis of the hippocampal structure for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, 17-32 [Zbl 1405.35228]
Alonso, P.; Peña, J. M.; Serrano, M. L., Characterizations of M-banded ASSR matrices, 33-49 [Zbl 1401.15034]
Casas, Eduardo; Chrysafinos, Konstantinos, A review of numerical analysis for the discretization of the velocity tracking problem, 51-71 [Zbl 06981849]
Castiñeira, Gonzalo; Rodríguez, José M., Asymptotic analysis of a viscous flow in a curved pipe with elastic walls, 73-87 [Zbl 1404.35347]
Mura, Joaquín; Caiazzo, Alfonso, A two-scale homogenization approach for the estimation of porosity in elastic media, 89-105 [Zbl 1404.35029]
Carnicer, J. M.; Khiar, Y.; Peña, J. M., A matrix approach to the Newton formula and divided differences, 107-123 [Zbl 06981852]
Climent-Ezquerra, Blanca; Guillén-González, Francisco, Long-time behavior of a Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes vesicle-fluid interaction model, 125-145 [Zbl 1404.35350]
Viglialoro, Giuseppe, Explicit blow-up time for two porous medium problems with different reaction terms, 147-167 [Zbl 1402.35053]
Domínguez-Delgado, Antonio; Domínguez-Torres, Carlos; Iñesta-Vaquera, José, Numerical assessment of the energy efficiency of an open joint ventilated façade for typical meteorological months data in Southern Spain, 169-188 [Zbl 1404.35448]
García-Planas, M. Isabel; Magret, M. Dolors, Isometries of the Hamming space and equivalence relations of linear codes over a finite field, 203-219 [Zbl 1440.94106]
Giachetti, Daniela; Martínez-Aparicio, Pedro J.; Murat, François, Advances in the study of singular semilinear elliptic problems, 221-241 [Zbl 1403.35109]
Baeza, Antonio; Mulet, P.; Zorío, David, Weighted extrapolation techniques for finite difference methods on complex domains with Cartesian meshes, 243-259 [Zbl 06981859]
Domínguez, Víctor; Turc, Catalin, High order Nyström methods for transmission problems for Helmholtz equation, 261-285 [Zbl 06981860]
Algaba, Antonio; Fuentes, Natalia; García, Cristóbal; Reyes, Manuel, Algebraic inverse integrating factors for a class of generalized nilpotent systems, 287-300 [Zbl 1411.34055]
Bürger, R.; Guerrero, Francisco; Martí, M. C.; Mulet, P., WENO schemes for multi-dimensional porous media flow without capillarity, 301-320 [Zbl 06981862]
Fan, Li; Monk, Peter; Selgas, Virginia, Time dependent scattering in an acoustic waveguide via convolution quadrature and the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map, 321-337 [Zbl 06981863]
Martínez-Merino, Luisa I.; Albareda-Sambola, Maria; Rodríguez-Chía, Antonio M., Location of emergency facilities with uncertainty in the demands, 339-356 [Zbl 1406.90070]
Díaz de Alba, Patricia; Rodriguez, Giuseppe, Regularized inversion of multi-frequency EM data in geophysical applications, 357-369 [Zbl 06981865]
Barreras, A.; Peña, J. M., Total positivity: a new inequality and related classes of matrices, 371-386 [Zbl 1401.15035]
Ruiz, Adrián; Muriel, Concepción, Applications of \(\mathcal{C}^{\infty}\)-symmetries in the construction of solvable structures, 387-403 [Zbl 1405.34031]
de la Rosa, R.; Bruzón, M. S., Travelling wave solutions of a generalized variable-coefficient Gardner equation, 405-417 [Zbl 1402.35065]
Bermejo, Rodolfo; Saavedra, Laura, A second order local projection Lagrange-Galerkin method for Navier-Stokes equations at high Reynolds numbers, 419-431 [Zbl 1404.35318]
Guillén-González, Francisco; Rodríguez-Galván, J. Rafael, Finite element approximation of hydrostatic Stokes equations: review and tests, 433-451 [Zbl 06981870]

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