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Regularized optimization methods for convex MINLP problems. (English) Zbl 1358.90086
Summary: We propose regularized cutting-plane methods for solving mixed-integer nonlinear programming problems with nonsmooth convex objective and constraint functions. The given methods iteratively search for trial points in certain localizer sets, constructed by employing linearizations of the involved functions. New trial points can be chosen in several ways; for instance, by minimizing a regularized cutting-plane model if functions are costly. When dealing with hard-to-evaluate functions, the goal is to solve the optimization problem by performing as few function evaluations as possible. Numerical experiments comparing the proposed algorithms with classical methods in this area show the effectiveness of our approach.

90C11 Mixed integer programming
52C15 Packing and covering in \(2\) dimensions (aspects of discrete geometry)
52A39 Mixed volumes and related topics in convex geometry
90B50 Management decision making, including multiple objectives
Bonmin; AlphaECP; OPTI
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