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Theory and applications of satisfiability testing – SAT 2017. 20th international conference, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, August 28 – September 1, 2017. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1368.68008
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10491. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-66262-6/pbk; 978-3-319-66263-3/ebook). xiii, 476 p. (2017).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1337.68009].
Indexed articles:
Achlioptas, Dimitris; Theodoropoulos, Panos, Probabilistic model counting with short XORs, 3-19 [Zbl 06807215]
Ganian, Robert; Ramanujan, M. S.; Szeider, Stefan, Backdoor treewidth for SAT, 20-37 [Zbl 06807216]
Ganian, Robert; Szeider, Stefan, New width parameters for model counting, 38-52 [Zbl 06807217]
Itsykson, Dmitry; Knop, Alexander, Hard satisfiable formulas for splittings by linear combinations, 53-61 [Zbl 06807218]
Baud-Berthier, Guillaume; Giráldez-Cru, Jesús; Simon, Laurent, On the community structure of bounded model checking SAT problems, 65-82 [Zbl 06807219]
Devriendt, Jo; Bogaerts, Bart; Bruynooghe, Maurice, Symmetric explanation learning: effective dynamic symmetry handling for SAT, 83-100 [Zbl 06807220]
Junttila, Tommi; Karppa, Matti; Kaski, Petteri; Kohonen, Jukka, An adaptive prefix-assignment technique for symmetry reduction, 101-118 [Zbl 06807221]
Liang, Jia Hui; Hari Govind, V. K.; Poupart, Pascal; Czarnecki, Krzysztof; Ganesh, Vijay, An empirical study of branching heuristics through the lens of global learning rate, 119-135 [Zbl 06807222]
Nabeshima, Hidetomo; Inoue, Katsumi, Coverage-based clause reduction heuristics for CDCL solvers, 136-144 [Zbl 06807223]
Cohen, Eldan; Huang, Guoyu; Beck, J. Christopher, (I can get) satisfaction: preference-based scheduling for concert-goers at multi-venue music festivals, 147-163 [Zbl 06807224]
Ignatiev, Alexey; Morgado, Antonio; Marques-Silva, Joao, On tackling the limits of resolution in SAT solving, 164-183 [Zbl 06807225]
Previti, Alessandro; Mencía, Carlos; Järvisalo, Matti; Marques-Silva, Joao, Improving MCS enumeration via caching, 184-194 [Zbl 06807226]
Terra-Neves, Miguel; Lynce, Inês; Manquinho, Vasco, Introducing Pareto minimal correction subsets, 195-211 [Zbl 06807227]
Audemard, Gilles; Lagniez, Jean-Marie; Szczepanski, Nicolas; Tabary, Sébastien, A distributed version of Syrup, 215-232 [Zbl 06807228]
Le Frioux, Ludovic; Baarir, Souheib; Sopena, Julien; Kordon, Fabrice, Painless: a framework for parallel SAT solving, 233-250 [Zbl 06807229]
Nejati, Saeed; Newsham, Zack; Scott, Joseph; Liang, Jia Hui; Gebotys, Catherine; Poupart, Pascal; Ganesh, Vijay, A propagation rate based splitting heuristic for divide-and-conquer solvers, 251-260 [Zbl 06807230]
Blinkhorn, Joshua; Beyersdorff, Olaf, Shortening QBF proofs with dependency schemes, 263-280 [Zbl 06807231]
Kiesl, Benjamin; Heule, Marijn J. H.; Seidl, Martina, A little blocked literal goes a long way, 281-297 [Zbl 06807232]
Peitl, Tomáš; Slivovsky, Friedrich; Szeider, Stefan, Dependency learning for QBF, 298-313 [Zbl 06807233]
Rabe, Markus N., A resolution-style proof system for DQBF, 314-325 [Zbl 06807234]
Wimmer, Ralf; Karrenbauer, Andreas; Becker, Ruben; Scholl, Christoph; Becker, Bernd, From DQBF to QBF by dependency elimination, 326-343 [Zbl 06807235]
Hyvärinen, Antti E. J.; Asadi, Sepideh; Even-Mendoza, Karine; Fedyukovich, Grigory; Chockler, Hana; Sharygina, Natasha, Theory refinement for program verification, 347-363 [Zbl 06807236]
Jonáš, Martin; Strejček, Jan, On simplification of formulas with unconstrained variables and quantifiers, 364-379 [Zbl 06807237]
Kafle, Bishoksan; Gange, Graeme; Schachte, Peter; Søndergaard, Harald; Stuckey, Peter J., A benders decomposition approach to deciding modular linear integer arithmetic, 380-397 [Zbl 06807238]
Fichte, Johannes K.; Lodha, Neha; Szeider, Stefan, SAT-based local improvement for finding tree decompositions of small width, 401-411 [Zbl 06807239]
Kučera, Petr; Savický, Petr; Vorel, Vojtěch, A lower bound on CNF encodings of the at-most-one constraint, 412-428 [Zbl 1417.68198]
Lodha, Neha; Ordyniak, Sebastian; Szeider, Stefan, SAT-encodings for special treewidth and pathwidth, 429-445 [Zbl 06807241]
Korhonen, Tuukka; Berg, Jeremias; Saikko, Paul; Järvisalo, Matti, Maxpre: an extended maxsat preprocessor, 449-456 [Zbl 06807242]
Lammich, Peter, The GRAT tool chain – efficient (UN)SAT certificate checking with formal correctness guarantees, 457-463 [Zbl 06807243]
Lauria, Massimo; Elffers, Jan; Nordström, Jakob; Vinyals, Marc, CNFgen: a generator of crafted benchmarks, 464-473 [Zbl 06807244]

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