Unimodularity criteria for Poisson structures on foliated manifolds. (English) Zbl 1387.53038

Summary: We study the behavior of the modular class of an orientable Poisson manifold and formulate some unimodularity criteria in the semilocal context, around a (singular) symplectic leaf. Our results generalize some known unimodularity criteria for regular Poisson manifolds related to the notion of the Reeb class. In particular, we show that the unimodularity of the transverse Poisson structure of the leaf is a necessary condition for the semilocal unimodular property. Our main tool is an explicit formula for a bigraded decomposition of modular vector fields of a coupling Poisson structure on a foliated manifold. Moreover, we also exploit the notion of the modular class of a Poisson foliation and its relationship with the Reeb class.


53C12 Foliations (differential geometric aspects)
53C05 Connections (general theory)
53D17 Poisson manifolds; Poisson groupoids and algebroids
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