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Contemporary computational mathematics – a celebration of the 80th birthday of Ian Sloan. In 2 volumes. (English) Zbl 1398.65010
Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-72455-3/hbk; 978-3-319-72456-0/ebook). li, 1309 p. (2018).

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Publisher’s description: This book is a tribute to Professor Ian Hugh Sloan on the occasion of his 80th birthday. It consists of nearly 60 articles written by international leaders in a diverse range of areas in contemporary computational mathematics. These papers highlight the impact and many achievements of Professor Sloan in his distinguished academic career. The book also presents state of the art knowledge in many computational fields such as quasi-Monte Carlo and Monte Carlo methods for multivariate integration, multi-level methods, finite element methods, uncertainty quantification, spherical designs and integration on the sphere, approximation and interpolation of multivariate functions, oscillatory integrals, and in general in information-based complexity and tractability, as well as in a range of other topics.
The book also tells the life story of the renowned mathematician, family man, colleague and friend, who has been an inspiration to many of us. The reader may especially enjoy the story from the perspective of his family, his wife, his daughter and son, as well as grandchildren, who share their views of Ian. The clear message of the book is that Ian H. Sloan has been a role model in science and life.

The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Aichinger, Ida; Aistleitner, Christoph; Larcher, Gerhard, On quasi-energy-spectra, pair correlations of sequences and additive combinatorics, 1-16 [Zbl 1405.81033]
Ainsworth, Mark; Glusa, Christian, Towards an efficient finite element method for the integral fractional Laplacian on polygonal domains, 17-57 [Zbl 1407.65276]
Aistleitner, Christoph; Hinrichs, Aicke, Irregularities of distributions and extremal sets in combinatorial complexity theory, 59-74 [Zbl 1405.11097]
Arbenz, Philipp; Cambou, Mathieu; Hofert, Marius; Lemieux, Christiane; Taniguchi, Yoshihiro, Importance sampling and stratification for copula models, 75-96 [Zbl 1405.65005]
Atkinson, Kendall; Chien, David; Hansen, Olaf, A spectral method for the biharmonic equation, 97-118 [Zbl 1407.65278]
Basu, Kinjal; Owen, Art B., Quasi-Monte Carlo for an integrand with a singularity along a diagonal in the square, 119-130 [Zbl 1405.65006]
Bondarenko, Andriy; Mellit, Anton; Prymak, Andriy; Radchenko, Danylo; Viazovska, Maryna, There is no strongly regular graph with parameters \((460, 153, 32, 60)\), 131-134 [Zbl 1409.05219]
Brandolini, Luca; Colzani, Leonardo; Gigante, Giacomo; Travaglini, Giancarlo, Low-discrepancy sequences for piecewise smooth functions on the torus, 135-152 [Zbl 1405.65007]
Brauchart, Johann S., Explicit families of functions on the sphere with exactly known Sobolev space smoothness, 153-177 [Zbl 1405.65076]
Brauchart, Johann S.; Dragnev, Peter D.; Saff, Edward B.; Womersley, Robert S., Logarithmic and Riesz equilibrium for multiple sources on the sphere: the exceptional case, 179-203 [Zbl 1405.31007]
Brunner, Hermann, Numerical analysis and computational solution of integro-differential equations, 205-231 [Zbl 1405.65165]
Cohen, Albert; Migliorati, Giovanni, Multivariate approximation in downward closed polynomial spaces, 233-282 [Zbl 1405.41021]
Da Fies, Gaspare; Sommariva, Alvise; Vianello, Marco, Subperiodic trigonometric hyperinterpolation, 283-304 [Zbl 1405.42003]
De Hoog, Frank; Davies, Russell; Loy, Richard; Anderssen, Robert, Discrete data Fourier deconvolution, 305-316 [Zbl 1405.42009]
Didenko, Victor D.; Silbermann, Bernd, Kernels of a class of Toeplitz plus Hankel operators with piecewise continuous generating functions, 317-337 [Zbl 1405.47009]
Doerr, Benjamin; Doerr, Carola; Gnewuch, Michael, Probabilistic lower bounds for the discrepancy of Latin hypercube samples, 339-350 [Zbl 1405.65089]
Ganesh, Mahadevan; Hawkins, Stuart C., Hyperinterpolation for spectral wave propagation models in three dimensions, 351-372 [Zbl 1405.65018]
Gantner, Robert N.; Herrmann, Lukas; Schwab, Christoph, Multilevel QMC with product weights for affine-parametric, elliptic PDEs, 373-405 [Zbl 1405.65008]
Gao, Jing; Iserles, Arieh, An adaptive Filon algorithm for highly oscillatory integrals, 407-424 [Zbl 1405.65028]
Giles, Michael B., MLMC for nested expectations, 425-442 [Zbl 1405.65009]
Grabner, Peter, A note on some approximation kernels on the sphere, 443-453 [Zbl 1405.41022]
Graham, Ivan G.; Parkinson, Matthew J.; Scheichl, Robert, Modern Monte Carlo variants for uncertainty quantification in neutron transport, 455-481 [Zbl 1405.65014]
Hackbusch, Wolfgang, On the representation of symmetric and antisymmetric tensors, 483-515 [Zbl 1405.15034]
Hangelbroek, Thomas; Narcowich, Francis J.; Rieger, Christian; Ward, Joseph D., Direct and inverse results on bounded domains for meshless methods via localized bases on manifolds, 517-543 [Zbl 1405.41009]
Hartmann, Thomas; Stephan, Ernst P., A discrete collocation method for a hypersingular integral equation on curves with corners, 545-566 [Zbl 1405.65167]
Heinrich, Stefan, On the complexity of parametric ODEs and related problems, 567-595 [Zbl 1405.65010]
Hickernell, Fred J.; Jiménez Rugama, Lluís Antoni; Li, Da, Adaptive quasi-Monte Carlo methods for cubature, 597-619 [Zbl 1405.65011]
Jeon, Youngmok; Sheen, Dongwoo, Upwind hybrid spectral difference methods for steady-state Navier-Stokes equations, 621-644 [Zbl 1407.65249]
Junghanns, Peter; Mastroianni, Giuseppe; Notarangelo, Incoronata, On Nyström and product integration methods for Fredholm integral equations, 645-673 [Zbl 1405.65169]
Junghanns, Peter; Monegato, Giovanni; Demasi, Luciano, Properties and numerical solution of an integral equation to minimize airplane drag, 675-701 [Zbl 1405.65170]
Keyfitz, Barbara Lee; Ying, Hao, Hyperbolic conservation laws and \(L^2\), 703-720 [Zbl 1405.35112]
Kress, Rainer, Integral equation methods in inverse obstacle scattering with a generalized impedance boundary condition, 721-740 [Zbl 1407.65271]
Kritzer, Peter; Niederreiter, Harald; Pillichshammer, Friedrich, Ian Sloan and lattice rules, 741-769 [Zbl 1405.65012]
Kritzer, Peter; Pillichshammer, Friedrich; Wasilkowski, Grzegorz W., Truncation dimension for function approximation, 771-792 [Zbl 1405.65021]
Larsson, Stig; Thomée, Vidar, On nonnegativity preservation in finite element methods for the heat equation with non-Dirichlet boundary conditions, 793-814 [Zbl 1407.65195]
Le Gia, Quoc T., Numerical solutions of a boundary value problem on the sphere using radial basis functions, 815-836 [Zbl 1407.65309]
Li, Tatsien; Lu, Xing; Rao, Bopeng, Approximate boundary null controllability and approximate boundary synchronization for a coupled system of wave equations with Neumann boundary controls, 837-868 [Zbl 1405.93039]
Li, Zheng; Xu, Yuesheng; Ye, Qi, Sparse support vector machines in reproducing kernel Banach spaces, 869-887 [Zbl 1405.65080]
Lubinsky, Doron S., Mean convergence of interpolation at zeros of Airy functions, 889-909 [Zbl 1405.65019]
McLean, William, Exponential sum approximations for \(t^{-\beta}\), 911-930 [Zbl 1405.65022]
Mhaskar, Hrushikesh N., Approximate quadrature measures on data-defined spaces, 931-962 [Zbl 1405.65030]
Novak, Erich; Woźniakowski, Henryk, Tractability of multivariate problems for standard and linear information in the worst case setting. II, 963-977 [Zbl 1405.65023]
Nuyens, Dirk; Cools, Ronald, The analysis of vertex modified lattice rules in a non-periodic Sobolev space, 979-999 [Zbl 1405.65031]
Sloan, Ian H., A fortunate scientific life, xxi-xxviii [Zbl 1405.01038]
Pearson, John W.; Wathen, Andy, Matching Schur complement approximations for certain saddle-point systems, 1001-1016 [Zbl 1405.65048]
Pereverzev, Sergei V.; Semenova, Evgeniya V.; Tkachenko, Pavlo, Regularized quadrature methods for Fredholm integral equations of the first kind, 1017-1034 [Zbl 1405.65176]
Plaskota, Leszek, On linear versus nonlinear approximation in the average case setting, 1035-1049 [Zbl 1405.41014]
Preischl, Michael; Thonhauser, Stefan; Tichy, Robert F., Integral equations, quasi-Monte Carlo methods and risk modeling, 1051-1074 [Zbl 1405.65177]
Qi, Liqun, A note on the multidimensional moment problem, 1075-1079 [Zbl 1405.44007]
Rogers, Colin; Schief, Wolfgang K., On a novel resonant Ermakov-NLS system: Painlevé reduction, 1081-1098 [Zbl 1405.35199]
Rudolf, Daniel, An upper bound of the minimal dispersion via delta covers, 1099-1108 [Zbl 1405.65025]
Strang, Gilbert; MacNamara, Shev, A local inverse formula and a factorization, 1109-1126 [Zbl 1405.65039]
Tran, Thanh, Ian Sloan’s legacy in integral equation methods, 1127-1145 [Zbl 1405.65003]
Tripathi, Lok Pati; Pani, Amiya K.; Fairweather, Graeme, A qualocation method for parabolic partial integro-differential equations in one space variable, 1147-1174 [Zbl 1407.65229]
Wang, Yu Guang; Zhu, Houying, Analysis of framelet transforms on a simplex, 1175-1189 [Zbl 1405.42062]
Wendland, Holger, Solving partial differential equations with multiscale radial basis functions, 1191-1213 [Zbl 1407.65303]
Werschulz, Arthur G., Tractability of approximation for some weighted spaces of hybrid smoothness, 1215-1242 [Zbl 1405.47006]
Womersley, Robert S., Efficient spherical designs with good geometric properties, 1243-1285 [Zbl 1405.65033]
Xu, Yuan, Optimal points for cubature rules and polynomial interpolation on a square, 1287-1305 [Zbl 1405.65034]
Publications of Professor Ian H. Sloan, xxix-xli [Zbl 1405.01029]

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