Trailing-edge flow and noise control using porous treatments. (English) Zbl 1415.76618

Summary: This paper is concerned with the application of porous treatments as a means of flow and aerodynamic noise reduction. An extensive experimental investigation is undertaken to study the effects of flow interaction with porous media, in particular in the context of the manipulation of flow over blunt trailing edges and attenuation of vortex shedding. Comprehensive boundary layer and wake measurements have been carried out for a long flat plate with solid and porous blunt trailing edges. Unsteady velocity and surface pressure measurements have also been performed to gain an in-depth understanding of the changes to the energy-frequency content and coherence of the boundary layer and wake structures as a result of the flow interaction with a porous treatment. Results have shown that permeable treatments can effectively delay the vortex shedding and stabilize the flow over the blunt edge via mechanisms involving flow penetration into the porous medium and discharge into the near-wake region. It has also been shown that the porous treatment can effectively destroy the spanwise coherence of the boundary layer structures and suppress the velocity and pressure coherence, particularly at the vortex shedding frequency. The flow-porous scrubbing and its effects on the near-wall and large coherent structures have also been studied. The emergence of a quasi-periodic recirculating flow field inside highly permeable surface treatments has also been investigated. Finally, the paper has identified several important mechanisms concerning the application of porous treatments for aerodynamic and aeroacoustic purposes, which can help more effective and tailored designs for specific applications.


76S05 Flows in porous media; filtration; seepage
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