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Decision and game theory for security. 10th international conference, GameSec 2019, Stockholm, Sweden, October 30 – November 1, 2019. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1428.68003
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11836. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-030-32429-2/pbk; 978-3-030-32430-8/ebook). xi, 584 p. (2019).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1398.68017].
Indexed articles:
Barreto, Carlos; Koutsoukos, Xenofon, Design of load forecast systems resilient against cyber-attacks, 1-20 [Zbl 1446.93053]
Bhargava, Radhika; Clifton, Chris, When is a semi-honest secure multiparty computation valuable?, 45-64 [Zbl 1452.94062]
Bilinski, Mark; Ferguson-Walter, Kimberly; Fugate, Sunny; Gabrys, Ryan; Mauger, Justin; Souza, Brian, You only lie twice: a multi-round cyber deception game of questionable veracity, 65-84 [Zbl 1446.91020]
Bucarey, Victor; Labbé, Martine, Discussion of fairness and implementability in Stackelberg security games, 97-117 [Zbl 1446.91033]
Canann, Taylor J., Toward a theory of vulnerability disclosure policy: a hacker’s game, 118-134 [Zbl 1446.91015]
Cartwright, Anna; Cartwright, Edward; Xue, Lian, Investing in prevention or paying for recovery – attitudes to cyber risk, 135-151 [Zbl 1440.68033]
Desmedt, Yvo; Slinko, Arkadii, Realistic versus rational secret sharing, 152-163 [Zbl 1452.94101]
Dunstatter, Noah; Tahsini, Alireza; Guirguis, Mina; Tešić, Jelena, Solving cyber alert allocation Markov games with deep reinforcement learning, 164-183 [Zbl 1440.68034]
Griffin, Christopher; Rajtmajer, Sarah; Umar, Prasanna; Squicciarini, Anna, Power law public goods game for personal information sharing in news commentaries, 184-195 [Zbl 1446.91042]
Huang, Yunhan; Zhu, Quanyan, Deceptive reinforcement learning under adversarial manipulations on cost signals, 217-237 [Zbl 1440.68215]
Khalili, Mohammad Mahdi; Zhang, Xueru; Liu, Mingyan, Effective premium discrimination for designing cyber insurance policies with rare losses, 259-275 [Zbl 1446.91064]
Li, Zuxing; Dán, György, Dynamic cheap talk for robust adversarial learning, 297-309 [Zbl 1446.91027]
Merlevede, Jonathan; Johnson, Benjamin; Grossklags, Jens; Holvoet, Tom, Time-dependent strategies in games of timing, 310-330 [Zbl 1440.91012]
Nguyen, Thanh H.; Yadav, Amulya; Bosansky, Branislav; Liang, Yu, Tackling sequential attacks in security games, 331-351 [Zbl 1440.68035]
Oakley, Lisa; Oprea, Alina, QFlip: an adaptive reinforcement learning strategy for the FlipIt security game, 364-384 [Zbl 1440.68037]
Ramasubramanian, Bhaskar; Niu, Luyao; Clark, Andrew; Bushnell, Linda; Poovendran, Radha, Linear temporal logic satisfaction in adversarial environments using secure control barrier certificates, 385-403 [Zbl 1440.68038]
Rass, Stefan; König, Sandra; Panaousis, Emmanouil, Cut-the-rope: a game of stealthy intrusion, 404-416 [Zbl 1440.68039]
Sahabandu, Dinuka; Moothedath, Shana; Allen, Joey; Bushnell, Linda; Lee, Wenke; Poovendran, Radha, Stochastic dynamic information flow tracking game with reinforcement learning, 417-438 [Zbl 1440.68040]
Sarıtaş, Serkan; Shereen, Ezzeldin; Sandberg, Henrik; Dán, György, Adversarial attacks on continuous authentication security: a dynamic game approach, 439-458 [Zbl 07222998]
Sayin, Muhammed O.; Başar, Tamer, On the optimality of linear signaling to deceive Kalman filters over finite/infinite horizons, 459-478 [Zbl 1446.91028]
Slinko, Arkadii, Operations over linear secret sharing schemes, 513-524 [Zbl 07223002]
Yasunaga, Kenji; Koshiba, Takeshi, Perfectly secure message transmission against independent rational adversaries, 563-582 [Zbl 07223005]
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68P25 Data encryption (aspects in computer science)
91A80 Applications of game theory
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