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A project-based guide to undergraduate research in mathematics. Starting and sustaining accessible undergraduate research. (English) Zbl 1454.00004
Foundations for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics. Cham: Birkhäuser (ISBN 978-3-030-37852-3/hbk; 978-3-030-37853-0/ebook). xi, 324 p. (2020).

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Publisher’s description: This volume provides accessible and self-contained research problems designed for undergraduate student projects, and simultaneously promotes the development of sustainable undergraduate research programs. The chapters in this work span a variety of topical areas of pure and applied mathematics and mathematics education. Each chapter gives a self-contained introduction on a research topic with an emphasis on the specific tools and knowledge needed to create and maintain fruitful research programs for undergraduates. Some of the topics discussed include:
Disease modeling
Tropical curves and surfaces
Numerical semigroups
Mathematics Education

This volume will primarily appeal to undergraduate students interested in pursuing research projects and faculty members seeking to mentor them. It may also aid students and faculty participating in independent studies and capstone projects.
The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Drellich, Elizabeth; Smith, Heather C., Folding words around trees: models inspired by RNA, 1-28 [Zbl 1447.05055]
Gross, Elizabeth; Long, Colby; Rusinko, Joseph, Phylogenetic networks, 29-61 [Zbl 1448.92155]
Morrison, Ralph, Tropical geometry, 63-105 [Zbl 1441.14208]
Glass, Darren; Kaplan, Nathan, Chip-firing games and critical groups, 107-152 [Zbl 1447.05135]
Butler, Steve; Ekstrand, Jason; Osborne, Steven, Counting tilings by taking walks in a graph, 153-176 [Zbl 1448.52016]
Chapman, Scott; Garcia, Rebecca; O’Neill, Christopher, Beyond coins, stamps, and chicken McNuggets: an invitation to numerical semigroups, 177-202 [Zbl 1442.20035]
Garcia, Stephan Ramon, Lateral movement in undergraduate research: case studies in number theory, 203-234 [Zbl 1441.11001]
Harris, Pamela E.; Insko, Erik; Johnson, Katie, Projects in \((t,r)\) broadcast domination, 235-262 [Zbl 1447.05154]
Wood, William E.; Poodiack, Robert D., Squigonometry: trigonometry in the \(p\)-norm, 263-286 [Zbl 1447.33001]
Savic, Milos, Researching in undergraduate mathematics education: possible directions for both undergraduate students and faculty, 287-302 [Zbl 1442.97004]
Bañuelos, Selenne; Bush, Mathew; Martinez, Marco V.; Prieto-Langarica, Alicia, Undergraduate research in mathematical epidemiology, 303-324 [Zbl 1442.97055]

00A05 Mathematics in general
92Bxx Mathematical biology in general
14Txx Tropical geometry
05Cxx Graph theory
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