Numerical-analytical model for transient dynamics of elastic-plastic plate under eccentric low-velocity impact. (English) Zbl 1465.74132

Summary: The aim of this study is to present an efficient model for the analysis of complicated nonlinear transient dynamics of an elastic-plastic plate subjected to a transversely eccentric low-velocity impact. A mixed numerical-analytical model is presented to predict the transient dynamic behaviours consisting of either plate impact responses or wave propagations induced by the impact in a plate with an arbitrary shape and support. This hybrid approach has been validated by comparison with results of laboratory tests performed on an elastic-perfectly plastic narrow plate eccentrically struck by an elastic sphere, and results of a three-dimensional finite element (FE) analysis for an elastic-perfectly plastic simply-supported rectangular plate eccentrically struck by an elastic sphere. The advantages of this hybrid approach are in the simplification of local contact force formulation, computational efficiency over the FE model, and convenient application to parametric study for eccentric impact behaviour. The hybrid approach can provide accurate predictions of the plate impact responses and plate wave propagations.


74M20 Impact in solid mechanics
74K20 Plates
74M15 Contact in solid mechanics
74C05 Small-strain, rate-independent theories of plasticity (including rigid-plastic and elasto-plastic materials)
74S05 Finite element methods applied to problems in solid mechanics


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