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The adapted solar wind system as cause for a momentum transfer to the Sun and its consequences for the orbital motions of Keplerian objects. (English) Zbl 0813.70008
The authors establish that a wind-driving star which moves through the interstellar medium experiences a force exerted on its central body. This force is of accelerating nature for a subsonic motion of the star with respect to the ambient medium. For the Sun motion an acceleration of \(1.3 \times 10^{-15} \text{ cm}\cdot \text{sec}^{-2}\) is found.
A perturbation analysis is made for orbiting Keplerian objects, concluding that main axes and perihelion distances are increasing. If the \(\tau\)-Tauri phase of the Sun is considered (solar wind mass losses 1000 times larger than the present value), the perihelion angle experiences secular changes of the same order as those given by the general relativistic migration.

70F15 Celestial mechanics
70F05 Two-body problems
85A30 Hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic problems in astronomy and astrophysics
76X05 Ionized gas flow in electromagnetic fields; plasmic flow
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