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An implementation for a higher level logic programming language. (English) Zbl 0862.68021
Institute for New Generation Computer Technology (ed.), 5th generation computer systems 1992. International conference, FGCS ’92. Japan 1992, Vol. 2. Amsterdam: IOS Press. 825-832 (1992).
Summary: For representing high level knowledge, such as the mathematical knowledge used in interactive theorem provers and verification systems, it is desirable to extend Prolog’s concept of data object. A basic reason is that Prolog data objects – Herbrand objects – are terms of a minimal object language, which does not include its own object variables, or quantification over those variables.
Qu-Prolog (Quantifier Prolog) is an extended logic programming concept which takes as its data objects, object terms which may include free or bound occurrences of object variables and arbitrary quantifiers to bind those variables. Qu-Prolog is unique in allowing its data objects to include free occurrences of object variables.
In this paper the design of the abstract machine for Qu-Prolog is given. The underlying design of the machine reflects the extended data objects and Qu-Prolog’s unification algorithm.
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68N17 Logic programming