Foundations of statistical mechanics 1845–1915. (English) Zbl 0153.31003

Reichhaltige und sorgfältig belegte Geschichte des Gleichverteilungssatzes, der Maxwell-Boltzmann-Verteilung bis zum Beweis der Unmöglichkeit der Ergodenhypothese.
1. Waterston’s equipartition theorem. 2. Clausius’s postulate about internal motions. 3. Maxwell’s velocity distribution. 4. Equalization of kinetic energy by collisions. 5. The effect of forces on the distribution law: The “Boltzmann factor”. 6. Equilibrium of a column of gas under gravitational forces. 7. Approach to equilibrium and the problem of irreversibility. 8. The paradox of specific heats. 9. Validity of the equipartition theorem. 10. The ergodic hypothesis of Boltzmann and Maxwell. 11. Digression on the history of mathematics. 12. Proof of the impossibility of ergodic systems.


01A55 History of mathematics in the 19th century
01A60 History of mathematics in the 20th century
82-03 History of statistical mechanics
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