Foundations of mathematics. Symposium papers commemorating the sixtieth birthday of Kurt Gödel. (English) Zbl 0169.00102

Berlin-Heidelberg-New York: Springer-Verlag 1969. xii, 195 p. (1969).
Kurt Gödel’s sixtieth birthday (April 28, 1966) and the thirty-fifth anniversary of the publication of his theorems on undecidability were celebrated during the 75th Anniversary Meeting of the Ohio Academy of Science at The Ohio State University, Columbus, on April 22, 1966. The celebration took the form of a Festschrift Symposium on a theme supported by the late Director of The Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, New Jersey, J. Robert Oppenheimer: “Logic, and its relations to mathematics, natural science, and philosophy.” The symposium also celebrated the founding of Section L (Mathematical Sciences) of the Ohio Academy of Science.
Greetings from Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer (p. VIII), Greetings from Dr. Gödel (p. VIII); Tribute to Dr. Gödel by John von Neumann (IX–X); Bibliography of Kurt Gödel (p. XI).
Stephen F. Barker, Realism as a philosophy of mathematics. (1–9) Zbl 0172.28601;
Haskell B. Curry, The undecidability of \(\lambda K\)-conversion. (10–14) Zbl 0179.02001;
Azriel Lévy, The definability of cardinal numbers (15–38) Zbl 0182.01203;
Bernard Meltzer, The use of symbolic logic in proving mathematical theorems by means of a digital computer (39–45) Zbl 0184.02905;
Herman Rubin, A new approach to the foundations of probability (46–50) Zbl 0218.60003;
Gerald E. Sacks, Measure-theoretic uniformity (51–57) Zbl 0172.29504;
Robert M. Solovay, On the cardinality of \(\Sigma_2^1\)12 sets of reals (58–73) Zbl 0188.32501;
Gaisi Takeuti, The universe of set theory (74–128) Zbl 0182.01202;
Eduard Wette, Definition of a (relatively complete) formal system of constructive arithmetic (Definition eines (relativ vollständigen) formalen Systems konstruktiver Arithmetik. (German) (130–195).
The articles will be reviewed individually, see “Found. Math., Symp. Pap. Commem. 60th Birthday Kurt Gödel, Columbus 1966”


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