Functional analysis and related fields. Proceedings of a conference in honor of Porfessor Marshall Stone, held at the University of Chicago, May 1968. (English) Zbl 0211.00102

Berlin-Heidelberg-New York: Springer-Verlag. 241 p. (1970).

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Indexed articles:
Browder, F. E., Nonlinear eigenvalue problems and group invariance, 1-58 [Zbl 0213.41304]
Chern, S. S.; do Carmo, Manfredo Perdigão; Kobayashi, S., Minimal submanifolds of a sphere with second fundamental form of constant length, 59-75 [Zbl 0216.44001]
Harish-Chandra, Eisenstein series over finite fields, 76-88 [Zbl 0226.20049]
Hewitt, E., \({\mathfrak L}_{\mathfrak p}\) transforms on compact groups, 89-98 [Zbl 0214.13303]
Kato, Tosio; Kuroda, S. T., Theory of simple scattering and eigenfunction expansions, 99-131 [Zbl 0224.47004]
Mackey, G. W., Induced representations of locally compact groups and applications, 132-166 [Zbl 0216.39904]
Nachbin, L., Convolution operators in spaces of nuclearly entire functions on a Banach space, 167-171 [Zbl 0217.16403]
Nelson, Edward, Operants: A functional calculus for non-commuting operators, 172-187 [Zbl 0239.47011]
Segal, Irving, Local non-linear functions of quantum fields, 188-210 [Zbl 0245.46105]
Weil, André, On the analogue of the modular group in characteristic \(p\), 211-223 [Zbl 0226.10031]
Zygmund, Antoni, A theorem on the formal multiplication of trigonometric series, 224-227 [Zbl 0242.42007]
MacLane, Saunders, The influence of M. H. Stone on the origins of category theory, 228-241 [Zbl 0261.18001]


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Stone, Marshall
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