Strategies for reducing computing time of nuclear waste management simulations using the PORFLOW\(^{TM}\) software. (English) Zbl 1062.86001

Summary: PORFLOW trade is a CFD software which is dedicated to groundwater flow and nuclear waste management simulations. PORFLOW trade is developed by the ACRi company located in Bel Air (California, USA) (http://www.acricfd.com) with a subsidiary in Sophia Antipolis (France) (http://www.acri.fr). In this paper, we report on our recent efforts to improve the performances of PORFLOW trade by focusing our attention on the solution of the large sparse linear systems resulting from the space and time discretizations of flow and transport equations. This work is illustrated by applying PORFLOW trade to the calculation of the COUPLEX1 and part of the COUPLEX2 problems.


86-08 Computational methods for problems pertaining to geophysics
65N55 Multigrid methods; domain decomposition for boundary value problems involving PDEs
76M12 Finite volume methods applied to problems in fluid mechanics


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